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How to Keep Your Pipes Safe During Freezing Weather Conditions

March 16 2018

Water is an unusual element, we cannot live without it, however it can be destructive at its worst. It is...

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Common Underfloor Heating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them – While Commissioning

February 26 2018

Once installed correctly it’s time to turn on the Underfloor Heating (UFH) system. But very often, even when the right...

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Why Manifolds Using Speedfit Technology are the Most Reliable and Efficient

February 05 2018

Speedfit Technology is well known in the plumbing industry for delivering reliable, leak-proof connections, that make installations easier, quicker and...

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7 Common Speedfit Plumbing and Heating Questions Answered

January 18 2018

As a world-leading plumbing systems provider of plastic pipes and fittings, every day we get plumbing and heating installation questions...

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Typical Underfloor Heating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them – During Installation

January 10 2018

In our previous blog post on common UFH mistakes, we discussed why proper planning for Underfloor Heating (UFH) installation is so important, but it’s not just...

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5 Unusual Applications of John Guest Fittings & Pipes

December 07 2017

The John Guest Speedfit Technology in our fittings and pipes are known throughout the plum...

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Underfloor Heating Buildings

Why UFH Is the Most Effective Heating Source for Buildings

November 24 2017

Over the past few years, Underfloor Heating (also known as UFH) has undergone a bit of a tr...

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Push-fit Connections

How to Ensure a Leak-proof Push-fit Connection

November 13 2017

After decades of successful performance, enhanced by ongoing innovation and improvement from our engineers, we’re confident that the JG Speedfit push-fit desig...

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Part L for Installers – Good idea to play by the rules?

November 01 2017

By legislating for best practice in heating controls with Part L, energy savings can be maximised which is the purpose of legislation in the first place.

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Kitchen Installation Plumbing

Why Plastic Continues to Push Boundaries in Modern Kitchen Installations

October 16 2017

As kitchen installations become increasingly difficult, many installers are turning to plastic push-fit components for a professional and simple installation.

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