An Introduction to John Guest

John Guest, a proud manufacturer and the inventor of plastic push-fit, produces all of its connectors and tube in Britain. The company has a long established reputation of manufacturing nothing less than the best. In the age of outsourcing, where most businesses are moving the manufacturing processes outside of the UK, the family owned business strictly controls the entire process from initial tool design through to engineering and manufacturing to ensure only products of highest quality are produced. Unlike any of its competitors, the company exports its products to a number of countries around the world where the John Guest’s push-fit technology is highly regarded.

Apart from being a big name in the Plumbing & Heating industry, John Guest’s push-fit fittings and pipe are used in industries such as Automotive, Telecommunications – Blown Fibre, Compressed Air & Pneumatics and Drinks Dispense & Pure Water. Renowned companies such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, Heineken and BT trust John Guest’s Speedfit Technology to deliver high performance products and services to their customers. From fuel lines in cars to dispensing beer in pubs up and down the country, filling air in your tyres to delivering broadband to your home, John Guest takes extreme pride in the fact it is a part of your everyday life.

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Why take an apprenticeship at John Guest

Back in the 1980’s, apprenticeships were not considered at par with degree qualification, which is a perception that changed sometime back. Today, taking an apprenticeship is a genuine alternative to university education and some say it is even better than university, as it is a dynamic way to learn practical skills that can enhance long-term career prospects.

The benefits of taking apprenticeships can make them very appealing and attractive, to start with, it is the only way you can earn while you learn and hold a recognised qualification at the end of the apprenticeship program. The student doesn’t end up being indebted, as education loans can be a huge burden after university.

At John Guest apprentices can gain valuable experience in a real world work environment while they are surrounded and supported by experienced engineers who would pass on their skills, experience and knowledge. The company believes in nurturing and growing in-house talent and there are always opportunities for apprentices to secure a permanent position within the company.

Apprentices are very well rewarded at John Guest, with a competitive salary as they learn and can gain valuable work experience resulting in specific skills using the ‘state of the art’ technology, machinery and equipment.