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A family of people

At RWC, we’re more than just a family of brands; we are a family of people. Every one of us, in teams around the world, help make RWC what it is today – a company with a passion to make people’s lives easier and more efficient, safer and comfortable. From our expert engineers that develop the latest innovations to our friendly customer service teams delivering first class service, everyone from the factory floor up plays an important role in the success of our business.

We are always looking out for fresh talent to bring new ideas and strengthen our teams. Whether you are starting out in your career or you are an established professional looking to progress, explore our site to learn more about us, our culture, our people, how you fit and our current vacancies. Join us and help us shape a better world for you, our customers and communities.

Our culture

We’re committed to making sure our culture is innovative, diverse and dynamic – and our employees agree. Thinking differently, looking to the future and always striving for more, RWC pushes boundaries with bold ideas to transform the modern built environment.

Employing over 2,000 people across 44 locations worldwide, we are the global leader in push-to-connect technology, water control values and specialist-engineered solutions. All of our brands are united in a common goal – to make customers’ lives easier, more productive and profitable with the clever products we make and service we provide.

Our culture is one of innovation where our people are encouraged to think differently and challenge the status quo. This is how we shape the world around us.

Our values

We’re authentic. And stick rigidly to our beliefs. Just as we have from day one. Our values today are the same as those that our founding pioneers put forward way back in 1949. It’s those values that have earnt us the trust and loyalty of customers all over the world.

From our talented apprentices to our engineers, who’ve served with us for decades, we recognise and appreciate their drive and innovative spirit. We encourage and inspire teams to work collaboratively and develop their skills alongside the framework of our values. That way, we’re all on the same page, striving for the same goal and working in a respectful, stimulating environment. Discover more


Why take an apprenticeship at John Guest

Back in the 1980’s, apprenticeships were not considered at par with degree qualification, which is a perception that changed sometime back. Today, taking an apprenticeship is a genuine alternative to university education and some say it is even better than university, as it is a dynamic way to learn practical skills that can enhance long-term career prospects.

The benefits of taking apprenticeships can make them very appealing and attractive, to start with, it is the only way you can earn while you learn and hold a recognised qualification at the end of the apprenticeship program. The student doesn’t end up being indebted, as education loans can be a huge burden after university.

At John Guest apprentices can gain valuable experience in a real world work environment while they are surrounded and supported by experienced engineers who would pass on their skills, experience and knowledge. The company believes in nurturing and growing in-house talent and there are always opportunities for apprentices to secure a permanent position within the company.

Apprentices are very well rewarded at John Guest, with a competitive salary as they learn and can gain valuable work experience resulting in specific skills using the ‘state of the art’ technology, machinery and equipment.