How To Make A Connection – Speedfit Compressed Air Fittings

Transform performance and efficiency with our compressed air push-fit fittings and pipe.

John Guest’s extensive range of push-fit Compressed Air fittings and pipe provide sustainable and optimal air flow to small workshops and big industries alike, offering rapid assembly without the need for tools.

For more technical information, please consult the John Guest Technical Manual & Trade Price Guide.

How To Make A Good Connection

Fittings and pipe should be kept in their original packaging to ensure they are clean and undamaged before use.

Prepare the Pipe

Ensure the pipe is free of score marks. Cut the pipe square. We recommend the use of JG Pipe Cutters.

The John Guest Speedfit push-to-connect fitting has a collet (gripper) with stainless steel teeth which hold the pipe firmly in position, and an O-Ring to provide a permanent leakproof seal.

Push Up to Pipe Stop

Push the pipe into the fitting, to the pipe stop.

Pull To Check Secure

Pull on the pipe to check it is secure. Test the system before use.

28mm Fittings

28mm fittings also have a collet with stainless steel teeth and an O-Ring.

After inserting the pipe, a screw cap is turned approx 1/4 turn. This locks the collet in place and reduces lateral and sideways movement of the pipe.

How To Disconnect

Push in collet and remove pipe.

To disconnect, ensure the system is depressurized, push the collet square against the fitting. With the collet held in this position the pipe can be removed.

28mm Fittings

Turn the screw cap 1/4 turn, push in the collet and remove the pipe. The fitting and pipe can be reused.

What Not To Do

Don’t use hacksaws to cut the pipe or leave burrs on the end of the pipe.


Don’t use damaged or scored pipe. Score marks can cause leaks passed the O-Ring