Pure Water: Ultimate quality, performance and efficiency

Get ultimate quality, performance and efficiency with our Pure Water push-fit fittings and tubing.

Our Pure Water push-fit products are designed to deliver safe and high-quality drinking water, as well as integral components for water coolers and dispensers, vending machines, and more.

Our range enhances system performance and delivers installation and operational efficiencies, without compromising quality.

Install, demount and refit in seconds without tools

Fittings are available in polypropylene or acetal to meet a variety of application needs.

High temperature, pressure and chemical resistance

Made from food grade materials suitable for potable water, liquids and foodstuffs.

Non-toxic food grade material

Faster and simpler to install than traditional methods and fully demountable without tools.

Superior flow characteristics

Engineered collect securely grips pipe without deforming the pipe or restricting flow.

Improves performance and reduces maintenance

Corrosion and scale resistant fittings and tubing extend system lifecycle and efficiency.

Versatile solution compatible with a variety of pipes

Suitable for plastic or soft metal pipes and tubing, with an option for hard polished metal.