Grey Acetal Fittings – PI Range

The PI range of fittings are manufactured from an acetal copolymer with food grade nitrile O-Rings. Being especially produced for foodstuffs and potable liquids, they are equally suitable for air and inert gases.

Straight Adaptors – BSPT Thread20210722222511
Straight Adaptors – BSP Thread20210722225333
Straight Adaptors – NPTF Thread20210722230811
Straight Adaptors – British Nipple Type20210722232430
Straight Adaptors – MFL Thread20210722233138
Equal Straight Connectors20210722233645
Reducing Straight Connectors20210722234819
Equal Elbows20210723000143
Reducing Elbows20210723001109
Stem Elbows20210723002503
Rigid Elbows – NPTF Thread20210723003724
Equal Tees20210723004058
Reducing Tees20210723005013
Swivel Elbows – BSPT Thread20210723005705
Swivel Elbows – NPTF Thread20210723010400
Swivel Branch Tees – BSPT Thread20210723011426
Swivel Branch Tees – NPTF Thread20210723012401
Swivel Male Run Tee – BSPT Thread20210723013854
Swivel Male Run Tee – NPTF Thread20210723014846
Female Adaptors – Flat End BSP Thread20210723023737
Female Adaptors – Cone End BSP Thread20210723024343
Female Adaptor – UNS Thread20210723030341
Female Adaptors – NPTF Thread20210723030622
Female Adaptors – FFL Thread20210723030932
Tap Adaptors – BSP Thread20210723031307
Tap Adaptors – Flat End BSP Thread20210723031713
Tap Adaptors – UNS Thread20210723032107
Three-Way Divider20210723033224
Three-Way Divider – Red20210723033515
Two-Way Dividers20210723033928
Unequal Two-Way Divider20210723034140
Bulkhead Connectors20210723034651
Reducing Bulkhead Connectors20210723034909
Stem Adaptors – BSPT Thread20210723035503
Stem Adaptors – BSP Thread20210723040006
Stem Adaptors – NPTF Thread20210723041422
Stem Adaptor – British Nipple Type20210723042206
Tube to Hose Stems20210723044220
Tube to Hose Stems – Long Version20210723044713
Tube to Hose Elbows20210723045631
End Stops20210725222102
Strain Relief Boots20210725222352
Cooling Manifold20210725222623

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