Brass Fittings –
MM Range (Air)
– Specifications

All our technical information for our Brass MM Range of products can be found here.

Brass Fittings – MM Range (Air)

Style and Description

For Compressed Air Systems

The MM range of Brass fittings are suitable for compressed air systems. They are intended for use with John Guest nylon, aluminium pipe, or copper, and can also be used on vacuum applications.

Media / Application

✓ Air / Vacuum
✘ Potable Liquids

Sizes – Outside Diameter (OD) Pipe
  • 15mm – 28mm
Maximum Working Pressure (kPa)
Temperature Pressure
AIR/VACUUM 15mm – 28mm
-20°C 1000kPa
+1°C 1000kPa
+20°C 1000kPa
+65°C* 700kPa

*NOT to exceed maximum temperature

Water Trap Tee Convertor

Convertor Installation – Step 1

Prepare the Pipe & Fit

Use either John Guest 28mm nylon pipe or 28mm copper pipe. The pipe must be cut square, and be free of burrs.

Press the shorter spigot into the pipe. The fit on copper pipe will be loose. This will not affect the function.

Convertor Installation – Step 2

Push Up to Pipe Stop & Screw

Push the pipe and converter up to the pipe stop of the centre leg of the tee. Turn the screw cap approx 1/4 turn to lock the pipe in position

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