Brass Fittings –
RM Range (Air)
– Specifications

All our technical information for our Brass RM Range products can be found here.

Brass Fittings – RM Range (Air)

Style and Description

For Pneumatic Air Line Applications

The RM range of brass fittings are suitable for pneumatic air line systems. Suitable for plastic and soft metal pipe.

The Straight Male Adaptor, available in 4mm to 12mm sizes, also have SuperThread, a unique thread seal developed by John Guest, to enable male adaptors to be used with a variety of female thread forms. The RM brass fittings with the SuperThread can be used with BSP (Parallel), BSPT (Taper), NPTF, PF and PT metal thread forms. The special polyurethane seal feature, means no sealant is needed to make an airtight joint. There is no danger of tape entering the system.

Media / Application

✓ Air / Vacuum
✘ Potable Liquids

Sizes – Outside Diameter (OD) Pipe
  • 4mm – 12mm
Maximum Working Pressure (kPa)
Temperature Pressure
AIR/VACUUM 4mm – 12mm
-20°C 1000kPa
+1°C 1000kPa
+20°C 1000kPa
+65°C* 700kPa

*NOT to exceed maximum temperature

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