Australian Plumbing Launch

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June 10 2010

John Guest Ltd is delighted to announce the launch of our JG Speedfit 12, 16, and 20mm push-fit plumbing system into the Australian market. Utilising all the user benefits to be expected of a JG system, we are confident that the system’s features matches up with the requirements of the Australian plumbing community. The range comprises pipe and fittings and is Watermark licensed and IAPMO Oceana certified.

JG Speedfit push fit plumbing parts

Key User Benefits:

  • Installation Time Substantially Reduced
  • 2000Kpa @ 20deg C
  • 1000Kpa @ 95deg C
  • B-Pex SPEEDPEX Multi-Layered Barrier Pipe
  • Truly Demountable
  • Re-Useable
  • No Bulky Crimp Tools Required