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Reduce installation times with CTS fittings and valves that feature ProLock click-to-lock technology.

The ProLock range is specifically designed to speed up installations and provide additional peace of mind. These fittings audibly click and display visible alignment arrows to indicate a secure connection. They don't require any tools, clamps or glue to install, reducing installation times by more than 40%. This makes ProLock fittings ideal for use in water softener/conditioner systems and virtually any OEM type of application involving joining solutions. Plus, it's code-approved for behind-the-wall use.

How it works: ProLock click-to-lock fittings have a collet with stainless steel teeth that grip the pipe when fully inserted and include an o-ring to provide a permanent, leakproof seal. When twisted into place, the locking cap locks the pipe in place securely.