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Speedfit Female Ballcock Connector (UNS Thread)

Easily connects Copper, PEX or CPVC to toiler fill valve. Rubber washer incorporated in the female thread to provide seal. Twist-to-Lock feature for added security. Fast and easy to use - no soldering, glue or clamps. Approved for behind-the-wall applications and can be used for permanent installations. Ideal for work in tight spaces. Can be disconnected without damage to tubing.

Features and benefits:
  • Twist-to-Lock Technology  
  • For use with Copper, PEX, and CPVC  
  • No soldering, glue or clamps  
  • Can be installed on wet lines.  
  • Approved for behind-the-wall applications with no access panel  
  • Can be disconnected as needed  
  • 25-year warranty
Working pressure and temperature:  
  • 160 psi at 73° F 
  • 100 psi at 180° F 
  • 80 psi at 200° F 

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