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CTS Fittings

(3/8 — 1 in.) Advanced technologies for copper tube-size fittings and plumbing installations.

Plastic, Locking Copper Tube Size (CTS) Pipe Fittings 

The John Guest CTS fitting range is compatible with copper, PEX and CPVC pipes and tubing that adhere to standard copper tube sizing guidelines. We have two CTS fitting product lines: ProLock and Speedfit Twist and Lock®. These fittings are available in various dimensions to support filtration, water softener and plumbing installations, and both copper tube fitting lines feature advanced locking technology for faster, easier, and more reliable connections. Learn more about the varying connection mechanisms to find the right fit for your installs. Whichever line you pick, John Guest ProLock and Speedfit Twist and Lock® CTS pipe fittings can help reduce installation time and  require no special tools, clamps, or glue. 

Explore the full line of copper tube size fittings below for a secure, easy-to-use solution that will enhance job efficiency.