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Polypropylene Black Stem Reducer

For reducing the tube size of a fitting. Makes installations quick and easy.  

JG Push-fit technology makes connecting tubing quick and easy. Stem easily inserts into JG Push-fit fitting to reduce the tube size. Fittings are manufactured in black polypropylene with food grade EPDM O-ring. These fittings have been developed to satisfy the needs of the Water Purification and Beverage Dispense Markets. Are also ideal for use in Agricultural Spraying, Farm/Dairy Equipment, Chemical Dispense, Car Wash and a variety of other applications.

Features and benefits: 
  • For use with plastic or copper OD sized tubing  
  • Polypropylene body, EPDM O-ring  
  • Quick and easy connection/disconnection  
  • Lead free materials  
  • UV stabilized 
  • Food Quality, suitable for potable liquids and pure water  
  • NSF51 and NSF61 listed  
Working pressure and temperature:                 
  • Max. 150 psi at 70° F 
  • Max. 60 psi at 140° F 

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