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Great engineering is about invention, design and the manufacture of practical solutions to complex problems.

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Innovation in our DNA

Innovation is the art and science of finding better ways of doing things. And that’s precisely what John Guest is famous for. From the outset, John Guest saw problems around him that needed solving. He challenged traditional ways of doing things for faster, simpler, safer and more efficient solutions.

Today our technology is used to solve challenges everywhere from homes and offices to cars and garages, caravans, boats, pubs and hospitals. The applications are endless – but they’re all connected by the innovative drive to find better ways of doing things.

Watch Evolving our technology on YouTube.

A better way to connect

Our ground-breaking push-fit innovation enables fast, secure and reliable tube and pipe connections to be made simply and easily, without the use of tools or hot works. Our John Guest push-fit technology is proven to be up to 40 – 50% faster to install, compared to traditional methods.

Simple to use, our components feature a unique stainless steel toothed collet designed to securely grip pipe and seal pipe. All JG fittings also feature a secure rubber O-Ring. And our plumbing and heating connectors have a Superseal Insert with dual O-Rings, to create a multi-seal.

With our tool-free technology, fittings are also easier to demount and offer the flexibility to integrate with a range of pipes, valves and other components. Saving valuable time is a major benefit of push-fit connectors, but ease of use is also key when you consider the numerous tight space applications we solve, from under the sink to underground ducting for broadband fibre to components for automotive.

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The role of R&D

Our New Product Development team takes inspiration from many different sources to solve challenges with new ideas.

They interact closely with customers, distributors and merchants, through site visits, focus groups and research surveys. They also gather insights from our technical, sales and customer services teams. Great ideas can come from anywhere, and all our employees are encouraged to share any ‘lightbulb’ moments.

As a result, our NPD team always has a number of ideas, at varying stages of development, in the pipeline.


Made in Britain, used worldwide

We design, produce and assemble all John Guest products here in the UK, ensuring every component goes through our exacting manufacturing testing and quality standards.

It also means we can maintain better control of our supply, delivery and impact on the environment, with our products leaving our factories for customer applications across the world.

What’s new

Showcasing our latest innovations that are transforming the way pipe and tube connections are made, to make things easier, safer and more reliable. Explore all our John Guest products.

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