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Quality, built in

Long-lasting, safe and reliable products has always been the hallmark of the John Guest name.

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An icon of quality

On every product we make, you’ll find the John Guest monogram proudly stamped, as a mark of trusted authenticity and quality. And behind this mark is the most rigorous design, engineering and testing process that’s helped build our trusted reputation for over 60 years. For complete quality control, we engineer everything in-house at John Guest, including our own moulds, tools and machinery.

Developing products for diverse industries means all customers benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience, shared across sectors. Because we make components for car braking systems to food quality grade applications, we pressure and temperature test all our products to meet and exceed exacting industry standards. Ultimately, with John Guest products you can feel reassured that if it’s engineered to stop a Ferrari, it’s good enough to fill a kettle.

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A lasting legacy

Long lasting quality has always been valued by our customers. But now it’s a key attribute for the built environment, that’s coming under ever increasing pressure to make sustainability its number one priority.

At John Guest, we make products that help manage precious resources including water and air. Our aim is to minimise our impact on the environment and to grow responsibly, continually investing in reducing our carbon footprint across our facilities.

Focus on sustainability

As the world faces increasing environmental challenges, we are committed to researching, developing and deploying sustainable practices, which are good for both customers and our planet.

We follow four core principles: Recycling, Zero Waste, Renewable Energy and Lean Manufacturing. We also take our sustainable thinking beyond the industry expectation. This way, we develop technologies that help to solve some of the key environmental problems today and for the future.

Watch Over 60 Years of Quality on YouTube.

Put to the test

To ensure performance at the very highest standards we have the industry’s leading state-of-the-art test lab. Here we batch check the quality of all our products. Pressure, thermal, endurance and impact testing are carried out, along with a full range of approvals to gain relevant accreditation. 

Running in parallel is the John Guest Prototyping Laboratory. This facility has embraced digital 3D printing innovation for nearly two decades, helping to accelerate the process of bringing new products to market.

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