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Improve performance and efficiency with our push-fit connectors, cartridges and OEM solutions. 

John Guest’s journey in automotive began in the 80s when Ford asked us to design a new fuel line push-fit connector. 

Compared to traditional metal connectors, our innovative push-fit technology made assembly much faster and simpler without the need for tools. Made from lightweight plastic, it also helped reduce the weight of vehicles leading to improved fuel consumption and acceleration rates.

Today, John Guest automotive push-fit connectors have become an integral component in many automotive OEM designs from fuel lines to brake systems, power steering, turbochargers and more.

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Discover how our automotive push-fit technology keeps Ferrari on track

Trusted worldwide for a wide range of vehicle applications

Millions of our tube connectors are made each year and trusted by leading brands including Ford, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche and BMW. Why? Because of the rapid assembly, high performance and versatility of our products for a wide range of vehicle applications.

Today, we offer an extensive range of automotive push-fit connectors, cartridges, latch assembly kits and bespoke solutions for passenger vehicles, two wheelers, light commercial vehicles, speciality vehicles, and more.


Bespoke push-fit solutions for OEMs

Blending engineering and manufacturing expertise with a high-quality service enables John Guest to develop bespoke solutions to meet the diverse needs of car manufacturers and automotive component manufacturers.

By working in close partnership and consultation, our push-fit technology can be easily integrated into your end product to improve design, assembly and processes. From initial problem-solving through to CAD design, prototype testing and phases up to full production, our team are on hand to provide expert technical advice and support.

Benefits of our push-fit technology for OEM

Our automotive push-fit connectors, fittings, cartridges and OEM solutions offer optimal flow and pressure rates, as well as time and labour-saving benefits.

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Quick and easy to install and demount, without tools

Tool-free, instant push-fit connections offer rapid and easy assembly.

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Secure connections with low insertion force and strong retention

Unique grip and seal™ technology provides strong and robust connections.

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Uninterrupted optimal flow and quality

Airtight and leak-tight seals ensure reliable flow of air and fluids.

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Built to perform and withstand high pressure

Designed and rigorously tested to tolerate high burst pressure.

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Lightweight and compact design

Slimline connectors and cartridges that are made from lightweight materials.

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Versatile solutions for any application

Suitable for use with both soft metal and plastic housing materials.

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Billions of our products are trusted worldwide, thanks to our innovative design, engineering excellence and rigorous testing.

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Over 60 years of innovation

Improving performance and efficiency by transforming the way pipe and tube connections are made.

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