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John Guest push-fit compressed air

Transform performance and efficiency with our compressed air and pneumatics push-fit fittings and pipe.

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John Guest’s push-fit compressed air and pneumatics fittings and pipe provide sustainable and optimal air flow to small workshops and big industries alike. From powering pneumatic tools and instruments to complete air ring main systems, John Guest’s extensive range of push-fit compressed air and pneumatic fittings and pipe offers rapid assembly without the need for tools.

Engineered in tough plastic or brass, our push-fit fittings are corrosion and pressure resistant and suitable for air, pneumatics, inert gases, vacuum and potable liquids. Our nylon and powder-coated aluminium pipe is the perfect partner for creating a complete system along with our LLDPE pipe that is suitable for a wide range of applications.

air and pneumatics

Air & Pneumatics

High performance push-fit air and pneumatics fittings and pipe that are quick and easy to install.

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Air Ring Main

Quick to connect compressed air piping system that offers clean uninterrupted air flow.

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Pioneering push-fit technology

Pioneered almost 50 years ago for compressed air, our reliable, fast and simple push-fit connection technology is still trusted today with millions of products used worldwide. See inside our technology.

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Better connectivity, productivity and efficiency.

Our high-performance push-fit compressed air and pneumatics fittings and pipe are fast and easy to install and deliver substantial labour and energy savings when compared to traditional methods.


No tools icon on yellow.

Set up air systems in half the time, with no need for tools

Push-fit is up to 50% faster to install without the need for tools, threading or solvents.

Solve and Refit in seconds icon on blue

Reconfigure systems in seconds with minimal downtime

Fittings are demountable and interchangeable, making layout changes quick and simple.

Optimal flow air icon on yellow

Uninterrupted optimal air flow and pressure resistance

Airtight seal that reduces energy consumption and eliminates pressure drops and leaks.

Timer equipment lifecycle icon on blue

Extends equipment and system lifecycle

Corrosion resistant materials that extend system and equipment lifecycle and efficiency.


Microbes 2 icon on yellow

Eliminates moisture to prevent equipment contamination

Unique water trap removes moisture from the air line to improve performance and longevity.

Plastic or copper pipe icon.

Versatile solution compatible with a variety of pipes

Suitable for nylon, power coated aluminium, LLDPE or other plastic and soft metal pipes.

Speedfit tee in hands

An icon of quality

Billions of our products are trusted worldwide, thanks to our innovative design, engineering excellence and rigorous testing.

man with jg speedit red and blue pipe

Over 60 years of innovation

Improving performance and efficiency by transforming the way pipe and tube connections are made.

NEW to the UK market - SharkBite Air

Performance that's as good as it looks

Metal push-fit compressed air piping system offering greater performance, greater connectivity and greater efficiency.

SharkBite Air fitting and pipe


Here are some helpful resources. All our other resources including install guides, brochures, datasheets and videos can be found in the Resource Centre.

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Discover how easy it is to make a connection

Watch our video to see how easy it is to make a connection using John Guest technology.

John Guest air data sheet

Data sheets

View and download technical data sheets for the compressed air product range.

First of all, we are satisfied with the quality. We tried products from four different companies, but John Guest suited us best with quality. Second, the speed of delivery. And thirdly, the team at John Guest, who are always available and ready to help with any issue we might have. 

Jan Rubíček, Purchasing, ADIP