Banjo Flow Control (manual adjustment)

Banjo Flow Control (manual adjustment)
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You will also need:

Locking Clip

Locking Clip

Prevents accidental disconnection of a speedfit fitting. Locks collet into position.

Fits directly to a cylinder or compressor connection port to control flow rate.

John Guest banjo flow control (manual adjustment) push-fit fitting is installed directly onto cylinder ports to give precise control by regulating the speed of pneumatic cylinders and actuators. John Guest Controls provide a neat compact assembly which can be orientated to a suitable position for the circuit arrangement prior to tightening. The design offers especially precise adjustment through the control needle within its housing.

Fittings are compatible with John Guest nylon, powder coated aluminium or LLDPE tubing, as well as copper, PEXa and other soft metal pipe materials. All John Guest fittings are manufactured and assembled in the UK.

Features and benefits

  • Manual adjustment flow control
  • Made from acetal copolymer, brass, stainless steel and nitrile
  • Airtight connection with superior flow characteristics
  • Instant push-fit connection and demountable without tools
  • Ideal for air and inert gases
  • Compatible with soft metal or plastic pipe/tubing


BSI Thermo Pipes and Fixings accredited
SKUDescriptionPipe OD mmBSP ″Metric threadQuantity per bagQuantity per boxAccreditations
CFM3604M5EBanjo Flow Control (manual adjustment) 4mm × M54M51200
CFM360611EBanjo Flow Control (manual adjustment) 6mm X 1⁄8″61⁄81100
CFM360612EBanjo Flow Control (manual adjustment) 6mm × 1⁄4″61⁄41100
CFM360812EBanjo Flow Control (manual adjustment) 8mm × 1⁄4″81⁄41100