LLDPE tubing 6mm OD x 4mm ID - 100m

LLDPE Tubing
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LLDPE tubing for compressed air and pneumatics micro bore piping applications.

John Guest LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene pipe) is suitable for a wide range of temperature and pressures, has broad chemical compatibility and is made from non-contaminating materials. It is compatible with pneumatics applications with a maximum pressure 10 bar @ 20°C. At elevated temperatures (50°C), mineral oil used in some systems will degrade LLDPE tubing. Therefore, LLDPE tubing used in pneumatic circuits should be periodically checked and replaced if necessary.

Chemical Resistance
For use of LLDPE with chemicals or potentially aggressive liquids, please refer to our Technical Service Department. When using cleaning agents or other potentially aggressive liquids, please ensure compatibility with pipe and fittings. LLDPE is not recommended for mineral oils, gases and fuels or high pressure compressed air/pneumatic systems.

Exposure to Ultraviolet Light
If biofilm growth is considered an issue, only black pipe should be installed in areas exposed to any light. Black pipe is also UV stabilised and can be installed where exposed to direct sunlight (UV).

Features and benefits

  • Flexible and robust LLDPE (Linear low density polyethylene) pipe
  • Suitable for air and pneumatics, cold, and intermittent hot water applications
  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • Colour coded for easy identification of service type
  • FDA and NSF certified


BSI Thermo Pipes and Fixings accredited
SKUDescriptionPipe OD mmPipe ID mmLength mQuantity per bagAccreditations
PE-0604-0100M-BLLDPE tubing 6mm OD × 4mm ID - 100m - Blue641001
PE-0604-0100M-ELLDPE tubing 6mm OD × 4mm ID - 100m - Black641001
PE-0604-0100M-GLLDPE tubing 6mm OD × 4mm ID - 100m - Green641001
PE-0604-0100M-NLLDPE tubing 6mm OD × 4mm ID - 100m - Natural641001
PE-0604-0100M-OLLDPE tubing 6mm OD × 4mm ID - 100m - Orange641001
PE-0604-0100M-RLLDPE tubing 6mm OD × 4mm ID - 100m - Red641001
PE-0604-0100M-WLLDPE tubing 6mm OD × 4mm ID - 100m - White641001
PE-0604-0100M-YLLDPE tubing 6mm OD × 4mm ID - 100m - Yellow641001