Brass Straight Adaptor (BSP Thread)

Brass Straight Adaptor (BSP Thread)
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You will also need:

Locking Clip

Locking Clip

Prevents accidental disconnection of a speedfit fitting. Locks collet into position.

Quickly and easily converts a metric push-fit connection to a threaded BSP type connection.

John Guest brass straight adaptor (BSP thread) push-fit fitting connects metric pipe to imperial pipe sizes. Fast and simple to install, John Guest Air and Pneumatics creates an instant connection and airtight seal without the need for tools, hot works or sealing agents. Air piping systems can be set up and installed 50% quicker than traditional methods.

The unique collet locking design firmly and securely holds the pipe in place without deforming the pipe or restricting flow. Fittings are also fully demountable, reducing system downtime during maintenance and making it quick and easy to modify or extend systems.

Designed in brass, fittings are compatible with John Guest nylon, powder coated aluminium or LLDPE tubing, as well as copper, PEXa and other soft metal pipe materials. All John Guest fittings are manufactured and assembled in the UK.

Features and benefits

  • Brass push-fit adaptor for connecting to BSP threads
  • Brass fitting with nitrile O-Ring
  • Airtight connection with superior flow characteristics
  • Instant push-fit connection and demountable without tools
  • Secure collet cover prevents accidental disconnection
  • Suitable for air and pneumatics piping systems up to 10 bar
  • Ideal for air, inert gases and vacuum applications
  • Food grade fitting suitable for potable liquids
  • Compatible with soft metal or plastic pipe/tubing
SKUDescriptionPipe OD mmBSP ″Quantity per bagQuantity per box
MM010411Brass Straight Adaptor (BSP thread) 4mm × 1⁄8″41⁄810500
MM010611Brass Straight Adaptor (BSP thread) 6mm × 1⁄8″61⁄810400
MM010612Brass Straight Adaptor (BSP thread) 6mm × 1⁄4″61⁄410500
MM010812Brass Straight Adaptor (BSP thread) 8mm × 1⁄4″81⁄410500