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John Guest push-fit air ring main

Reliable push-fit compressed air piping system that’s fast and simple to install.

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John Guest’s compressed air piping system provides optimal performance and rapid assembly using push-fit technology. From the compressor receiver to airline components, through to the complete air ring main and take off points, John Guest offers uninterrupted air flow and high-pressure resistance.

Our push-fit air ring main system dramatically reduces installation and production downtime as it requires no tools and is fully demountable for fast and simple reconfiguration. Available in 12 to 28mm sizes, our range is suitable for compressed air and pneumatics systems up to 10 bar, as well as inert gases, vacuum and potable liquid applications.

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Plastic and brass push-fit fittings that provide airtight connections and rapid assembly.
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Durable rigid nylon and powder-coated aluminium pipe that is fast and simple to install.
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Achieve rapid assembly from compressor to air line through to the complete ring main.


Our push-fit air ring main system offers optimal flow and pressure rates as well as time and labour-saving benefits, especially when compared to traditional methods.

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Set up air systems in half the time, with no need for tools

Push-fit is up to 50% faster to install without the need for tools, threading or solvents.

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Reconfigure systems in seconds with minimal downtime

Fittings are demountable and interchangeable, making layout changes quick and simple.

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Uninterrupted optimal air flow and quality

Airtight seal that reduces energy consumption and eliminates pressure drops and leaks.

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Extends equipment and system lifecycle

Corrosion resistant materials that extend system and equipment lifecycle and efficiency.

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Eliminates moisture to prevent equipment contamination

Unique water trap removes moisture from the air line to improve performance and longevity.

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Versatile solution compatible with a variety of pipes

Suitable for nylon, power coated aluminium, LLDPE or other plastic and soft metal pipes.

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