Flow Bend Clip

John Guest Flow Bend Clip 8mm or 5⁄16″
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Support clip to prevent pipe from kinking or twisting

John Guest flow bend clip is designed to support tubes and eliminate pipe kinks. Made from durable plastic, the clip holds cold formed pipe bends and keeps pipework neat and tidy, lowering the risk of damage or accidental disconnection.

Features and benefits

  • Plastic construction
  • Suitable for use with John Guest LLDPE tubing
SKUDescriptionTube OD ″Tube OD mm
PM2608SJohn Guest Flow Bend Clip 8mm or 5⁄16″5⁄168
PM2610SJohn Guest Flow Bend Clip 10mm or 3⁄8″3⁄810
PM2612SJohn Guest Flow Bend Clip 12mm or 1⁄2″1⁄212