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JG PolarClean

Push-fit connectors for beer dispense using tube-in-tube technology to keep beer lines extra cold and clean.

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Keep beer lines extra cold and clean

Using tube-in-tube technology our JG PolarClean push-fit connectors enable a dispense system that delivers extra cold and conditioned beer straight from the keg to font, without the need for a cellar.

Bars, restaurants, cafés and hotels can now use JG PolarClean beer dispense push-fit connectors to easily install a draught beer system, even in limited spaces, at a minimal cost. JG PolarClean also enables different beer temperatures to be achieved in a single python as per individual beer brand preferences. 

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Trusted by leading brands

International breweries and trusted brands such as Heineken and Carlsberg, use our tube-in-tube connectors for beer dispense to deliver beer from keg to tap.

Extra cold. Extra clean. Ultra simple.

Our pioneering JG PolarClean tube-in-tube push-fit connectors for beer dispense improve the conditioning of beer and ensure a perfect pint every time. 

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A reliable solution that’s fast and simple to install

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Extra cold and consistent beer temperatures at every pour

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No cold room or secondary cooler required

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Reduced beer-line microbiological growth

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More revenue per keg due to less FOB and beer-line downtime

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Tamperproof solution with special release tool to demount

Pioneering tube-in-tube push-fit technology

Designed to overcome detrimental effects on beer quality caused by traditional contact cooling systems, JG PolarClean connectors for beer dispense optimise draught quality, with its uniquely efficient temperature conditioning within the beer line.

Watch JG Polar Clean - Fluid push-to-connect technology on YouTube.
Edd China posing with arms crossed

Continuing our collaboration with Edd China

The world’s most popular mechanical maestro, shares a series of new engineering adventures on YouTube. You’ll see Edd finding new applications for JG Speedfit and Reliance Valves, plus fitting out his new bar with JG PolarClean.

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Get extra cold and conditioned beer from keg to font with our unique tube-in-tube technology. JG PolarClean beer dispense push-fit connectors are fast and simple to install, without the need for tools or a cold cellar or secondary cooling device.

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Case study

Raising the bar for international breweries

Heineken needed a partner to accommodate their high-quality requirements, which is where RWC’s plastic push-to-connect trendsetter John Guest came along.