JG PolarClean Tee Connector

JG PolarClean Tee Connector
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You will also need:

Locking Clip

Locking Clip

Locking Clip to prevent accidental pipework disconnection.

Quickly and securely connects three equally sized plastic pipes or soft metal tubes

JG PolarClean tee connector push-fitting connects three equal size LLDPE or soft metal tubes and is designed to improve the conditioning of beer dispense using tube-in-tube technology.

Fast and simple to install, JG PolarClean fittings keep beer lines consistently cool at brand specification temperatures, eradicating the risk of microbiological activity while improving carbonation control and reducing product wastage. The fitting also enables different beer temperatures to be achieved in a single python.

By carrying beverages through a tube encased by another tube with coolant, the fitting deliver extra cold beer straight from the keg coupler to the beer font, without the need for a cold room or secondary cooling device. With JG PolarClean bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels can now install draught beer systems in limited spaces and at a minimal cost.

JG PolarClean is suitable for potable liquid, foodstuff, coolant, drinks and beer dispense applications. The fitting is not suitable for compressed air and vacuum applications. All John Guest fittings are manufactured and assembled in the UK.

Features and benefits

  • Instant push-fit connection and leak tight seal
  • Extra cold and consistent beer temperatures at every pour
  • No cellar or secondary cooler required
  • Reduces beer-line microbiological growth
  • More revenue per keg due to less FOB and beer-line downtime
  • Tamperproof solution with special release tool to dismount
  • Suitable for fluid applications from -5°C (internal fluids must not freeze) to 30°C (max)


BSI Thermo Pipes and Fixings accredited
WRAS approved product
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NC909JG PolarClean Tee Connector 3⁄8″ × 3⁄8″ × 3⁄8″3⁄83⁄8