A JG Speedfit stem T push-fit fitting.

JG Speedfit plastic push-fit fittings

Reliable and quick to connect plastic push-fit fittings for plumbing and heating.

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From everyday elbows, straights and tees to more specialist connectors and couplers, our tool-free plastic push-fit fittings are reliable, as well as fast and easy to install. Suitable for hot and cold water and central heating systems, including pressurised and combi systems, JG Speedfit fittings are available in 10, 15, 22 and 28mm sizes.

Our standard push-fit and Twist & Lock® range can be used with our standard Pipe Inserts to create a rigid connection end or with our Superseal Pipe Inserts to create a unique multi seal. Our Twist & Lock® range also has a unique locking and unlocking mechanism, which further secures the connection and enhances the seal by adding compression.

All our plastic push-fit fittings are fully demountable without tools, compatible with plastic or copper pipe and come with a guarantee for extra peace of mind. We recommend combining our fittings with our plastic pipe to create the ultimate high-performance and ultra-flexible plumbing and heating system.

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JG Speedfit Reducer 15 × 10mm


Quickly and securely connects two unequal sized Speedfit fittings to reduce a line size
JG Speedfit equal elbow push-fit fitting

Equal Elbow

Quickly and securely connects equally sized pipe to form a 90° pipe bend
reducing elbow push-fit fitting

Reducing Elbow

Quickly and securely connects unequal pipe sizes to form a 90° pipe bend
stem elbow push-fit fitting

Stem Elbow

Easily connects two Speedfit fittings of equal size to create a swivel type 90° connection
Equal Tee

Equal Tee

Quickly and securely connects three pipes of equal size
JG Speedfit Reducing Tee 15 × 15 × 10mm

Reducing Tee

Quickly and securely connects three pipes of unequal size
Stem Tee

Stem Tee

Quickly and securely connects Speedfit fittings directly onto a tee to create a swivel ended connection