JG Speedfit cold water service reducer to connect MDPE pipe
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You will also need:

Speedfit MDPE Pipe Insert

Pipe Insert

Pipe liner for PB & PEX barrier pipe. Prevents over constriction of pipe from compression fittings. Suitable for hot, cold & heating applications.

Quickly and securely reduces a MDPE line size via a stem connection

JG Speedfit cold water service reducer to connect MDPE pipe. The reduced spigot end allows for two Speedfit push-fit fittings to be joined, creating a swivel type connection, whilst also reducing the line size. The uniquely designed push-fit fitting incorporates stainless teeth to provide a tight and secure grip on the pipe. Simply push the push-fit fitting fully onto the pipe. The connection is demountable, making it easy to work with in the ground when maintaining or altering an existing set-up.

The JG Speedfit cold water service reducer is up to 40% faster to install than traditional methods and is easier to use in confined spaces by removing the need for hot works and tools. Designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK.

Features and benefits

  • Instant push-fit connection
  • Install and demount in seconds without tools
  • Safe flame-free installation, with no hot works, glue or flux
  • Grip & Seal™ collet with stainless steel teeth and main O-Ring seal
  • Twist & Lock® cap secures fitting and adds compression
  • Non-toxic, resists corrosion and no scale build-up
  • Compatible with MDPE pipes (inserts required)
  • Suitable for cold water use only


WRAS approved product
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