A reel of JG Speedfit pipe.

JG Layflat polybutylene pipe

Ultra-flexible polybutylene pipe for plumbing and heating.

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JG Layflat polybutylene pipe is ideal for short and long pipe runs as it ‘lays flat’ straight from the coil thanks to its ultra-flexible material.

Its lightweight and flexible design offers greater control as it is easy to cable and manoeuvre through joists and tight spaces. JG Layflat polybutylene pipe also requires less couplings than traditional methods, saving time and money while reducing the number of leak points.

Made up of 5 layers, including an oxygen barrier, the pipe prevents the ingress of air into the system which reduces the effect of corrosion on metal components. Due to its low thermal conductivity, JG Layflat polybutylene pipe is cooler and safer to touch. And with relatively low heat loss, water retains heat longer and is delivered more quickly through the system compared to traditional methods.

Suitable for hot and cold water supply, central heating and underfloor heating systems, pipe coils are available in a range of lengths and diameters. For a flexible and high performance plumbing and heating system, we recommend combining our plastic pipe with our fittings.

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JG Layflat polybutylene barrier pipe

Layflat Pipe

Polybutylene barrier pipe for hot, cold and central heating plumbing systems