A JG Speedfit push fit ball valve.

JG Speedfit push-fit valves

Robust and easy to install push-fit valves for plumbing and heating.

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JG Speedfit offers an extended range of push-fit valves to complement our core fittings. Using the same push-fit technology, our second-fix range of valves make connecting appliances and fixtures fast and simple, and repair and maintenance work easier too.

From tap connectors to stop valves, service valves and check valves, we have everything you need to plumb a bathroom, kitchen or utility room. Installed and demounted without tools or hot works, our push-fit valves are especially easy to use in tight and awkward spaces such as under basins and baths or behind appliances. Available in a range of sizes, we have options available in plastic, brass or chrome-plated for a more aesthetic finish.

A JG Speedfit service valve

Service Valves and Check Valves

Plastic, brass and chrome plated push-fit service valves that quickly and easily connect and isolate water to appliances and fixtures, as well as backflow prevention valves.
A JG Speedfit T with a stop valve.

Stop Valves and Shut Off Valves

Plastic and brass push-fit valves for quickly and easily isolating water to appliances and fixtures or shutting down water to an entire system.
A JG Speedfit TRV - thermostatic radiator valve.

Radiator Valves and Outlet Plates

Plastic and brass chrome plated push-fit radiator valves that are fast and easy to install and outlet plates for neat and tidy supply pipes.

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Plumber fitting push fit valve

Our range of valves offer both time and labour-saving benefits.

Benefits of JG Speedfit valves

Our range of push-fit valves offer both time and labour-saving benefits, especially when compared to traditional methods.

No tools icon on yellow.

Install, demount and refit in seconds without tools

Faster and easier to install than traditional methods and fully demountable without tools.


No hot works icon.

Safer and cleaner with no hot works, flux or glue

No need for a blowtorch means less risks and mess associated with soldering joints.

Tight spaces icon.

Less labour-intensive, especially in tight spaces

Instant and tool-free connections make it easier to manoeuvre in awkward spaces.

Non toxic icon.

Non-toxic, resists corrosion and scale build-up

Ensures optimal flow and quality, while extending system lifecycle and efficiency.

Standard push-fit fitting icon on yellow

A variety of second-fix valves for any application

Everything you need from tap connectors to stop valves, service valves and check valves.

Plastic or copper pipe icon.

Compatible with plastic or copper pipe

Versatile solution can be used with plastic and copper pipe, or a mixture of both.

Our engineers love them because it is a very quick and easy solution, they don’t have to get under baths and basins and into awkward spaces with spanners and tools.

Tim Anders, Anders Heating Company