JG Underfloor Manifold Connection Kit

JG Underfloor Manifold Connection Kit
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Allows for two JG Underfloor or JG LowFit Manifolds to be connected together, creating an extension with additional ports

The JG Underfloor manifold Connection Kit is designed for connecting multiple JG LowFit or JG Underfloor manifolds together. It is an ideal solution for larger properties that require multiple loops per room, or when additional underfloor heating (UFH) circuits are required on an existing installation.

The kit is easy to install and comes complete with sealing washers. Simply remove the blanking plugs from the existing manifold at the end of both flow and return bars. Insert the sealing washer into the connectors and tighten. The additional manifold can then be connected to the other end, creating further circuits, whilst still using a single JG Underfloor Thermomix Control Kit.

The manifold flow meters will need to be recalibrated after installation on both manifolds to ensure optimum performance.

Features and benefits

  • Connects two JG Underfloor or JG LowFit manifolds
  • Quick & easy to fit with union connections
  • Kit contains both adaptors for flow and return bars and sealing washers
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