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Underfloor heating benefits

Energy and cost-efficient underfloor heating systems.

A wide range of benefits of underfloor heating

Not only is underfloor heating more energy efficient and kinder to the environment, it also allows homeowners to make better use of interior space. Here is a full list of the benefits of underfloor heating.

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Renewable & conventional heat sources

Underfloor heating is compatible with conventional and renewable heat sources that reduce environmental impact and cut fuel bills, including air and ground source heat pumps and solar panels.

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Greater heating control

Creates the perfect comfort zone with individual or multi-room temperature control – simple, standard and smart solutions.

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Reduced heating bills

A great benefit of underfloor heating is that it is designed to work with low water temperatures, JG Underfloor Heating can reduce energy consumption and heating costs by up to 20%.

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More comfort

Like the sun, UFH uses radiant heat to warm objects and the fabric of the building allowing you to benefit from a cosy, comfortable environment.

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More living space

By removing bulky and unsightly radiators it will free up wall space and give freedom for interior design.

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Healthier & safer living

Less moisture and lower air movement may help reduce dust allergens. Plus, with no hot radiators and sharp edges it creates a safer space.

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Less noise

Benefits from a relaxing and tranquil ambience with no more creaking pipes or water flow noise. Virtually silent to run.

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What makes us different

JG Underfloor is committed to developing energy efficient heating solutions.

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World class technical support

With JG Underfloor you can be confident you will get all the technical backup you could need – before, during and after installation.

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