A JG Underfloor wireless heating control.

JG Aura wireless heating controls

Smart heat controls offering individual or multiroom control.

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JG Aura wireless heating controls regulate underfloor heating and hot water using either battery or mains-powered touchscreen thermostats and optional wireless thermostatic radiator valves.

Our unique 4-in-1 touchscreen thermostats act as a programmable room thermostat, group control thermostat, group thermostat or hot water timer. Thermostats can also be internet-enabled so that heating can be controlled anywhere at any time using the free JG Aura app.

JG Aura wireless heating controls can support up to 10-internet-enabled thermostats with additional licences available for up to 30 devices.

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JG Aura Boiler Receiver

Wireless receiver that activates the boiler when signalled using JG Aura heating controls (thermostat)