JG LowFit Manifold with 12mm Push-fit Connections

JG LowFit Manifold
JG LowFit Manifold
JG LowFit Manifold
JG LowFit Manifold
JG LowFit Manifold
JG LowFit Manifold
JG LowFit Manifold
JG LowFit Manifold
JG LowFit Manifold
JG LowFit Manifold
JG LowFit Manifold
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You will also need:

12mm Pipe Insert

Pipe Insert

Pipe liner for PB & PEX barrier pipe. Prevents over constriction of pipe from compression fittings. Suitable for hot, cold & heating applications.

Centralises underfloor low profile heating pipework and distributes warm water through the system

Manufactured to the highest standards, JG LowFit™ underfloor heating manifolds are made from stainless steel and are available in a range of sizes from 2 to 12 ports.
Fast and simple to install, JG LowFit™ manifolds uniquely feature JG Speedfit push-fit connections and come with a pre-mounted bracket and vibration isolation mount. Manifolds can also be assembled to suit left or right-hand supply.
Each manifold is supplied fully assembled with flow and return rails, adjustable flow meters, an automatic air vent and fill valve. Protective dust caps are supplied on the return rail, which can be removed when installing circuit actuator valves to open and close the flow of water to each pipe loop.

Features and benefits

  • High performance stainless steel manifold
  • Fast and simple installation using 12mm Speedfit connections eliminating the need for further reducing adaptors.
  • Easy to fit due to pre-mounted brackets and vibration isolation mount
  • Integral Automatic Air Vent discharges air that could impact circulation
  • Valves on the return manifold are compatible with thermoelectric heads
  • Rail valves on the return rail allow circuit actuators to be easily connected
  • Versatile assembly for left or right-hand supply
  • Suitable for use with JG Speedfit PEX and polybutylene barrier pipe (inserts required)
SKUDescriptionSize mmMBSP ″PortsQuantity per box
JGLOWFITMAN2JG LowFit 12mm UFH Manifold 2 Port12121
JGLOWFITMAN3JG LowFit 12mm UFH Manifold 3 Port12131
JGLOWFITMAN4JG LowFit 12mm UFH Manifold 4 Port12141
JGLOWFITMAN5JG LowFit 12mm UFH Manifold 5 Port12151
JGLOWFITMAN6JG LowFit 12mm UFH Manifold 6 Port12161
JGLOWFITMAN7JG LowFit 12mm UFH Manifold 7 Port12171
JGLOWFITMAN8JG LowFit 12mm UFH Manifold 8 Port12181
JGLOWFITMAN9JG LowFit 12mm UFH Manifold 9 Port12191
JGLOWFITMAN10JG LowFit 12mm UFH Manifold 10 Port121101
JGLOWFITMAN11JG LowFit 12mm UFH Manifold 11 Port121111
JGLOWFITMAN12JG LowFit 12mm UFH Manifold 12 Port121121