JG Underfloor Single Room Control Unit

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Single room pump and mixer pack with internal temperature stat

JG Underfloor control unit is used to provide heating to a conservatory or room extension up to 30m². It is suitable for use when the boiler serving the existing heating system has the capacity to take the extra output from 2KW to 3KW and the maximum area to be heated is 30m2 or less.
The unit is pre-assembled and pre-wired to allow for a fast and simple installation. It can be plugged into any convenient electrical socket or spur. It also has integral ball valves for isolation from the primary heating system, an adjustable blending valve and a six-metre head circulation pump.

It should ideally be connected to the main central heating flow and returns distribution system, but it can connect to the nearest radiator supply pipe. In this case, the pump will not operate independently and will only obtain hot water when the radiator system is on.

Features and benefits

  • Pre-wired and pre-assembled for a fast a simple installation
  • Single zone control unit for conservatories and extensions
  • JG Speedfit push-fit connections
  • Plug directly into an electrical socket or spur
  • Integral ball valves for isolation from the primary heating system
  • Adjustable blending valve and 6m head circulation pump
  • Anti-vibration mounting bracket
  • Suitable for underfloor heating applications up to 30m2
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JGROOMPACK/3JG Underfloor Single Room Control Unit15301