JG Speedfit PEX Barrier Coil

JG Speedfit PEX barrier pipe coil
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You will also need:

12mm Pipe Insert

Pipe Insert

Pipe liner for PB & PEX barrier pipe. Prevents over constriction of pipe from compression fittings. Suitable for hot, cold & heating applications.

PEX barrier pipe for hot, cold and central heating plumbing systems

JG Speedfit PEX barrier pipe is flexible making it easier to run longer pipe runs. The flexibility of the pipe reduces the need for fittings significantly compared to traditional copper pipe systems, which in turn delivers labour and cost savings.

The pipe is made of 5 layers, the centre of which is a blue coloured oxygen barrier that prevents the ingress of air into the system, reducing the effect of corrosion on metal components. Due to its low thermal conductivity, when carrying hot water, PEX pipe is cooler and therefore safer to touch. Designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK.

Features and benefits

  • Lightweight flexible pipe but with a more rigid property than Polybutylene
  • Less fittings, less labour and material costs, less potential leak points
  • Safe and non-toxic material with no need for hot works
  • Resists corrosion and scale build up, reducing pin hole leaks and blockages
  • Pipe elasticity reduces the chance of burst pipes in freezing conditions
  • Considerably reduces the noise of water hammer
  • Suitable for hot and cold water and central heating systems


BSI Thermo Pipes and Fixings accredited
WRAS approved product
SKUDescriptionSize mmLength mQuantity per bagQuantity per boxAccreditations
15BPEX-25CJG Speedfit PEX Barrier Pipe Coil 15mm × 25m152518
15BPEX-50CJG Speedfit PEX Barrier Pipe Coil 15mm × 50m155016
15BPEX-100CJG Speedfit PEX Barrier Pipe Coil 15mm × 100m1510014
15BPEX-120CJG Speedfit PEX Barrier Pipe Coil 15mm × 120m1512015
15BPEX-150CJG Speedfit PEX Barrier Pipe Coil 15mm × 150m1515014