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John Guest push-fit OEM solutions

Improve performance and efficiency with our push-fit connection technology for OEMs.

Since 1961, John Guest’s pioneering innovations have been transforming performance and efficiency for many industries. Back in the 70s, John Guest invented push-fit technology that revolutionised the way connections are made.

OEM cartridge

Bespoke push-fit solutions

Market leaders and niche players have been using our technology for decades to solve the key challenges they face. Why? Because the clever science behind our technology ensures optimal performance, longevity and fast and simple installation.

From distilling wine to hydroponic farming to animal feeding equipment, environmental test chambers and fuel cells, the push-fit OEM applications are endless.

Customer stories

Here are some examples of projects we get involved in.

lightwell installation

Providing clean and fresh water in hard to reach places


John Guest push-fit fittings are integrated into water purification units to help remote communities get clean and fresh water. 


Battling the heat in Spanish supermarkets


John Guest leakproof fittings are used to connect all the pipes within their misting systems.

glass of beer

Flow control in the home brewing industry


John Guest fittings are used to manage the flow control of wort, the unfermented beer, in their home brewery system.


Inspiration, invention, infusion


John Guest OEM cartridges  are used in the resin infusion manufacturing process., widely used in the marine industry.

Precision engineering and world-class quality

Innovative design is at our core. It means clever, time-saving solutions for you, engineered with lasting quality you can rely on.

From state-of-the-art R&D to world-class product testing and quality control, our innovations are the by-product of pure engineering mastery. The same ethos drives our customer service and design capabilities, ensuring we provide expert support whenever you need it.

Suitable for water, air, vacuum and other fluid applications, we offer an extensive range of push-fit solutions including cartridges, fittings, tubing and valves.

Blending global engineering and manufacturing expertise with a high-quality local service enables John Guest to develop customised solutions to meet the needs of many different customers.

By working in close partnership with you, we integrate our push-fit technology into your own branded products. From initial concept to CAD design, prototype testing through to full production, our teams are on hand to provide expert advice and support every step of the way.

Discuss your next project

Contact us to discuss your next design solution or innovation. 

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Benefits of our push-fit technology for OEMs

Our push-fit solutions for OEMs offer optimal flow and performance, as well as time and labour-saving benefits when compared to traditional methods.

No tools icon on yellow.

Quick and easy to install and demount, without tools

Tool-free, instant push-fit connections offer rapid and easy assembly.

Padlock strong retention icon on blue

Secure connections with low insertion force and strong retention

Unique grip and seal™ technology provides strong and robust connections.

High pressure icon on yellow

Built to perform and withstand high pressure and temperatures

Designed and rigorously tested to tolerate high burst pressure and temperatures.

Optimal flow air icon on blue

Uninterrupted optimal flow and quality

Airtight and leak-tight seals ensure reliable flow of water, air, vacuum and other fluids.

Lightweight icon on yellow

Lightweight and compact design

Slimline connectors and cartridges that are made from lightweight materials.

Versatile solutions icon on blue

Versatile solutions for any application

Suitable for use with both soft metal and plastic housing materials.

Speedfit tee in hands

An icon of quality

Billions of our products are trusted worldwide, thanks to our innovative design, engineering excellence and rigorous testing.

Speedfit product 3d diagram

Over 60 years of innovation

Improving performance and efficiency by transforming the way pipe and tube connections are made.