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John Guest push-fit telecoms

Get ultimate connectivity and efficiency with our blown fibre microduct push-fit fittings and connectors.

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John Guest offers a wide range of push-fit microduct connectors for blown fibre and cable pressurisation systems.  Designed to withstand tough conditions, our blown fibre push-fit fittings ensure smooth fibre passage, quick deployment and future network readiness.  

From our latest direct buried connectors that go beyond industry standards, to our easy to connect high performance protected push-fit fittings, we offer an extensive range of underground microduct connectors and accessories.  

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Direct Buried Fittings

Transparent microduct connectors and end stops for direct buried installations that are fast and simple to use and offer unrivalled 30J impact resistance.
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Protected Fittings

Fast, simple and reliable straight connectors, gas blocks, reducers and end stops for underground protective microducts that require a cover or sheath.
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A range of accessories for blown fibre installations including close down assemblies and ribbon connectors and collets.

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Pioneering push-fit technology

John Guest pioneered the world's first push-fit blown fibre microduct connectors in 1980s to transform performance and installation efficiency. Today, millions of our products are trusted worldwide.

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Super-fast connectivity and performance.

Our direct buried push-fit microduct connectors offer ultimate performance, connectivity and substantial time and labour savings. For underground protective microducts,  see our Protected fittings range

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Ultimate performance and impact resistance

Performs in tough conditions (30J) and at extreme temperatures (-5°) with no crush load points. 

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Fast, simple and intuitive push-fit fittings

Instant connections without tools makes installation more efficient in underground trenches.   

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Super secure pipe connections

Grip and seal™ technology with a pre-locked collet ensures a rapid and secure connection.

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Smooth, snag-free fibre and cable passage

Engineered to ensure smooth fibre passage and avoid installations complications.  

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Transparent body for improved inspection

Offers visual control when blowing fibre and makes it easier to confirm smooth fibre passage.

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Makes repair or network expansion fast and simple

Easy and quick to demount and reconfigure without damaging the mircoduct or fitting.

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Billions of our products are trusted worldwide, thanks to our innovative design, engineering excellence and rigorous testing.

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Over 60 years of innovation

Improving performance and efficiency by transforming the way pipe and tube connections are made.


Here are some helpful resources. All our other resources including install guides for our blown fibre push-fit fittings, brochures, datasheets and videos can be found in the resource centre

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Discover how easy it is to make a connection

Watch our video to see how easy it is to make a connection using John Guest technology.  

The quality and reliability of the connectors is incredibly high where these connectors have been in situ. in installations throughout the world for over 25 years and we have had no complaints over more than quarter of a century.

Colin Kirkpatrick, Solutions Director, Emtelle