Superseal Connector

Superseal Connector
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Quickly and securely connects blown fibre/minicable micro ducting

John Guest superseal gas block connector is a push-fit fitting for blown fibre protected applications. It provides a simple and effective seal between the pipe and fibre bundle or mini cable, eliminating the need for sealing resin. The connectors through bore provides uninterrupted passage for the blown fibre/mini cable.

Featuring a collet with stainless steel teeth, the push-fit fitting provides a secure connection with a simple and instant push-fit action. It eliminates the need for any tools, making the installation process efficiently straight forward. The O-Ring forms an airtight seal that further enhances the strength of the connection.

In the event of repair or network expansion works, the John Guest superseal gas block connector provides superior installation flexibility, as the demountable feature of the solution allows for the system to be reconfigured without damage to the microduct or push-fit fitting. John Guest fittings are manufactured and assembled in the UK.

Features and benefits

  • Coloured body provides added UV protection
  • Hardwearing construction for installation in tough conditions
  • Push-fit technology ensures swift tool-free installation
  • Collet with stainless steel teeth grips and secures microduct
  • Superseal locks the collet grip
  • O-Ring seal enhances connection integrity
  • For use with water and gas block connectors
  • Compatible with microduct pipes
SKUDescriptionSize mmSize mmStem Size mmOD mmOD mmQuantity per bag
GB-55-01Superseal Gas Block Connector 5mm × 5mm550.9 - 2.5510
GB-85-01Superseal Gas Block Connector 8mm × 5mm850.9 - 2.58510
GB-88-01Superseal Gas Block Connector 8mm × 8mm880.9 - 4.5810