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End-to-end technical support for UFH installations

Underfloor heating has been growing in popularity in recent years as homeowners and housebuilders alike adopt systems to unlock greater levels of efficiency. For installers, this shift in home heating represents an opportunity to expand their service offerings – a transition that can be supported with the backing of system manufacturers.

Whether you’re an experienced installer or just getting started on your underfloor heating journey, access to expert technical support can help make installations run smoother from start to finish.

Let’s take a look at some of the key underfloor heating tools and support that are available to installers of JG Underfloor.

Planning & design

When embarking on a new installation, there are lots of considerations to take into account – from the heat source supplying the system through to the floor construction being worked with. With the support of the system manufacturer, the unique characteristics of each project can be factored into the final design to ensure quick and easy installation and efficient operation and performance.

Two key aspects of installation are the pipe layout and manifold location. Each of these elements will underpin the efficient performance of a system, making them essential factors to get right. As well as supporting the straightforward connection of pipes, a JG Underfloor push-fit manifold centralises pipework. This underpins an effective layout by minimising the length of pipe runs required to complete the system, maximising operational efficiency. Going hand-in-hand with this, a centralised manifold effectively distributes warm water through the pipe circuit to provide even and comfortable heat.

Installers can lean on the support of the JG Underfloor team, with free CAD drawings available to demonstrate the specific pipe layouts that will maximise the potential of each installation.

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Successfully installing an underfloor heating system is just one part of the puzzle for installers. Afterall, customers require reliable systems that will efficiently heat their homes for decades to come – something that makes maintenance an essential consideration.

Just as with a boiler, or a traditional central heating system, regular maintenance – typically on an annual basis – will keep everything running smoothly. Maintenance needs to be a key consideration from the initial stages of installation, with installers creating systems with this in mind. By selecting quality components, such as those from JG Underfloor, systems can operate more efficiently and reliably, while supporting regular maintenance to be carried out quickly and easily by professional installers.

Further supporting ongoing maintenance, technical support is on hand before, during and after installation. In practice, this supports installers to continually strengthen their knowledge and skills, while tapping into leading manufacturer advice. Customers also benefit from greater peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that systems are supported for their entire lifetime.

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Lifetime support

Due to a renewed focus on sustainability, how we heat our homes is changing – and underfloor heating has a critical role to play.

Working with leading manufacturers to bring forward reliable systems and solutions, installers can successfully navigate changes in technology and regulation. In turn, they can stay ahead of every trend and deliver the best value to their customers.

For installers working with JG Underfloor, technical support is always on hand. Whether you are seeking system advice and CAD drawings through an online request, reaching out to our technical support team by phone, or referring to our installation guides and videos, we ensure there’s always an accessible avenue to obtain the support you require. First-time installers, or professionals tackling complex UFH installations, can also benefit from on-site technical support to ensure every aspect of their project remains on track.

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