Pipes, Valves, Fittings… A complete plumbing solution from a single source

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Much like the broader construction industry, plumbing and heating professionals have been grappling with the challenge of rising materials costs throughout 2023. Alongside this, fluctuations in demand across the year have sometimes impacted supply chains, making it difficult to get hold of the right products when they’re needed.

Having the ability to source a whole suite of plumbing and heating solutions from a single source can help installers to navigate these industry challenges, while also helping to maintain consistent levels of quality on every project.

With a full range of plumbing and heating solutions, RWC and its family of brands – JG Speedfit, Reliance Valves and JG Underfloor - are perfectly placed to support installers across the UK.

Let’s take a look at some of our most popular – and innovative – solutions, and the practical benefits they are bringing to projects every day.


Plastic pipes are known to deliver a range of benefits over their copper alternatives, often providing installers with greater flexibility on the job and helping them to deliver high-quality, long-lasting systems.

JG Layflat pipe is a polybutylene barrier pipe, designed for hot, cold and central heating applications. But its versatility extends far beyond this. Supplied in a coil, it is possible to run long lengths of pipe where required on a project, while also easily bending around corners. As well as saving installers time, this also significantly reduces the volume of connections that are required across a system.

As poorly installed connections can lead to potential leaks, limiting the number of connection points by routing a continuous pipe run from a centralised manifold to outlet can ensure greater reliability. By using JG Layflat and leveraging the potential for fewer connections, installers can create stronger systems with significantly lower potential for leaks to occur.

At the same time, installation times can be cut, saving professionals valuable time and minimising any potential disruption for customers.

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When it comes to making connections, security is key – and using high-quality and proven solutions is essential to maintaining continuity and performance across the system.

Plastic solutions, such as JG Speedfit Twist & Lock®, can offer reliable resistance to corrosion, making connections more reliable over the long term. As well as underpinning performance, the Twist & Lock gripping technology further improves durability and delivers a leak-proof seal. What’s more, the stainless steel teeth which ensure a tight grip also allow for the fittings to be mounted and demounted easily.

For super strong connections, the JG Speedfit Superseal Pipe Insert creates a more robust connection between Speedfit pipes and fittings. As well as providing additional support to pipes, keeping it perfectly round, the Superseal Insert contains a dual O-Ring for stronger, leak-free connections. This, combined with the main O-Ring in the fitting, creates a unique multi seal.


When it comes to valves – which play an essential role in system performance – RWC combines the leading technologies of Reliance Valves and JG Speedfit to transform the speed and simplicity of installations.

In practice, this makes for quick and easy installation, without the need for tools. This removes the complexity of working in tight spaces while ensuring a reliable connection.

Providing plumbing solutions for a variety of projects, valves that include a push-fit connection include the Reliance Valves’ Easifit 15mm Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV), the 312 15mm and 22mm Compact Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV), the 15mm and 22mm Nickel-Plated Ball Valve, and the 15mm Automatic Air Vent.

man holding Easifit TMV

Underfloor heating

While efficiency, performance and longevity are crucial across all aspects of a plumbing and heating system, contributing to greater levels of sustainability, it is in the case of home heating where this is even more impactful.

Underfloor heating (UFH) is becoming an increasingly popular way of heating homes – both sustainably and cost effectively. Its benefits can be felt especially in existing homes when installed as part of retrofit projects.

Here, JG LowFit provides a practical plumbing solution that removes the complexity from installation, while delivering the far-reaching benefits expected of UFH. Once installed, floor height increases are kept to a minimum (generally up to 25mm, depending on the final floor finish), while homeowners will realise the benefits of the high heat output and low flow temperature – a combination that provides efficient and effective home heating.

At a time when installers are faced with more challenges than ever – from regulatory changes through to increased demand for sustainable installations – being able to rely on a single supplier for essential components can make every job more straightforward.

Family of Brands

With a broad range of solutions to tackle every challenge, RWC’s family of brands is the partner of choice for installers across the UK.

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