Five essential repair and maintenance components for plumbing and heating installers

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Emergency repair and maintenance call-outs are part and parcel of every plumber and heating installer’s day – and to respond to every possible scenario, preparation is key. That doesn’t just mean having the expertise and capability to tap into, but also having the right tools, equipment and components to hand.

Let’s take a look at five JG Speedfit essentials every installer should keep in their van, ready to face any common challenge – from leaks under the sink through to more complex faults.

1. JG Speedfit Flexi Hoses

Whether it’s a leak under the sink that needs repairing or a tap that needs replacing, installers and plumbers will regularly find themselves carrying out work in hard-to-reach places – something which can make even a straightforward job more time-consuming.

Having the right flexi hoses on hand could be the difference between a job that’s fiddly to resolve versus one that’s an easy fix.

Featuring push-fit and hand-tighten options, JG Speedfit Flexi Hoses are the perfect solution for connecting a tap – particularly in spaces that are difficult to access, or which provide poor visibility. Available as traditional metal braided flexi hoses, or PVC flexi hoses that are easy to clean and reduce kinking, they’re an essential component for every plumber. Plus, with no tools or hot works required, they can be installed and demounted quickly and easily, keeping installers on the go and their customers satisfied.

2. JG Speedfit Appliance Tee

Lots of emergency call-outs received by plumbers are centred around appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. And, whether the job is to fix a problem, repair an existing appliance, or install a new appliance, being able to isolate it quickly and easily is key.

As a push-fit fitting, the JG Speedfit Push-Fit Appliance Tee can be simply pushed onto the pipe and the appliance hose threaded onto the tee’s built-in shut off valve. Particularly useful when working in confined spaces, the tee doesn’t require any tools or hot works, making it easy to install and dismount.

JG Speedfit Appliance Tee

3. JG Speedfit Stop Ends

Ensuring a secure seal at the end of a pipe – either temporarily or permanently – Stop Ends are essential in any professional’s toolkit.

Many emergency plumbing call-outs require pipework to be exposed, which can potentially result in leaks out onto the workspace and even further damage to the property. With the use of JG Speedfit Stop Ends, pipework can be quickly and easily capped off.

Stop Ends are used to deaden the flow of water in a plumbing and heating system and can be used as a temporary or permanent solution. An instant push-fit connection makes installation simple, while – just like all Speedfit fittings – Stop Ends can be easily demounted without any tools, which means that they can be removed at any stage to allow work to restart or to make an extension to the system.

4. JG Layflat Pipe

When it comes to emergency plumbing and heating jobs, getting the problem sorted as efficiently as possible is of benefit to both installer and customer – making having the right parts to hand essential. For repairing or replacing long pipe runs, JG Layflat Pipe is the perfect pipe to keep in the van.

Providing complete flexibility, the pipe can easily bend around corners and helps plumbers and installers to navigate tight spaces easily. In practice, this means significantly fewer connections and fittings are required, further reducing installation time. Supplied as a coil, JG Layflat Pipe is easy to store but, thanks to its polybutylene construction, it will always lay flat and stay flat straight from the coil.

Man holding John guest layflat pipe

5. JG Speedfit MDPE Fittings

Sometimes, an emergency plumbing call-out will take installers outside a customer’s home. While working with underground pipes will typically take more time and require different ways of working, it also requires components that can deliver in even the toughest environments.

Designed to speed up and enhance the connection of underground cold-water mains, JG Speedfit MDPE push-fit fittings deliver a reliable and leak-proof seal – all without the use of tools. That takes the complexity out of working underground and means installers can always deliver, even on the toughest of tasks.

Prepare to be ready

While you never know exactly what challenge is waiting when a customer calls, you can be prepared for every situation. Keeping JG Speedfit equipment and components on hand means you’ll have the parts to deliver quality, reliable and long-lasting solutions to keep every customer happy. Plus, with the time-saving benefits of using push-fit fittings, you’ll be able to get to the next job more quickly.

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