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As lockdown continues to ease and the nation gets back to work, many domestic plumbing and heating installers are facing a huge backlog of jobs due to the work restrictions and social distancing measures.

From the small tasks around peoples’ homes, through to bigger projects that were paused due to COVID-19, we know there’re a lot of jobs to complete, and not enough hours to squeeze them in.

We know practicing social distancing on site and working in cramped spaces with PPE on comes with its own set of challenges, especially when you need to complete jobs quicker than ever before. So, to pick up the pace, it’s crucial to select smart plumbing and heating solutions that can help you complete jobs more efficiently and to the highest quality standards. In this blog, we’ll share some time-saving and reliable domestic plumbing solutions from RWC’s family of brands that can help fast track installations.

JG Speedfit’s plastic push-fit systems

JG Speedfit’s plastic push-fit fittings are ideal for all first fix and second fix domestic plumbing installations. Requiring no additional tools, flux or solder these plastic push-fit fittings can be installed and demounted within seconds and are becoming the norm for all new build and retrofit projects. All Speedfit fittings incorporate multiseal technology to ensure ultra-reliable connection each time and come with a 50 year warranty to offer that additional peace of mind.

We offer an extensive range to include a variety of fittings from straights, elbows, tees to appliance taps, connectors and service valves, available in all domestic sizes varying from 10mm to 28mm.

JG Speedfit flexi hoses

For all domestic plumbing installations, one of the common issues is manoeuvring tools and fitting new pipework in confined spaces like bathrooms. We all know there is never enough space under the sink or bath, or behind a shower!

JG Speedfit flexi hoses are extremely versatile and easily get around this challenge, quite literally, as they can conveniently bend in tight spaces to connect appliances and fixtures. Available in braided metal or white PVC options, the JG Speedfit flexi hoses come with push-fit ends that help in making the final connection much easier and quicker in comparison to rigid copper pipes.

Also available with built-in service valves, our flexi hoses remove the need for installing an additional valve for water isolation to carry out future repairs and maintenance works. With nearly 50 different combinations of size, end connections and lengths, JG Speedfit’s Flexi hoses range can be used on both hot and cold water supply.

SharkBite brass push-fit fittings

Another time-consuming area of domestic plumbing and heating is installing boilers and hot water cylinders.

Usually located in tight airing cupboards, there is not much space to work with, and making soldered connections with copper pipework can be slow and arduous. Not to mention, in enclosed spaces, you could be breathing in dangerous fumes from flux and soldering. In fact, many new build constructions restrict the use of hot works as they pose a potential fire hazard.

This is where SharkBite’s brass push-fit fittings can help. From straights, tees, elbows, tap connectors and stop ends, SharkBite has a complete range of fittings in a host of common sizes. Simply push the pipe into the fitting and you’re done, and demounting is simple too.

Fast Track SharkBite t fitting

JG Layflat Pipe

Whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom installation, cabling pipework through joists or behind walls, or laying underfloor heating (UFH) circuits, most projects often require long runs of flexible pipework. And JG Speedfit’s Layflat Pipe is the perfect solution for domestic plumbing.

Made from polybutylene, the Layflat pipe is available in different coil lengths that make it a lot easier to transport to site and stock in your van. The pipe popular for its flexibility lays flat when installed and is much easier to handle when cabling behind walls and in between joist, laying down underfloor heating circuits or hiding it under baths and behind pedestals.

The JG Layflat pipe is made of five layers with the centre layer being an oxygen barrier to help prevent corrosion on metal components. Available in all common domestic pipe sizes 10mm, 15mm, 22mm and 28mm, the coils are available in lengths ranging from 25m, 50m, 85m, 100m, 120m, 150m to 300m.

Man holding John guest layflat pipe

Easifit TMV

In 2012, it became a legal requirement to install thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) in all commercial and domestic new builds. It is also a good practice for installers to ensure that a property has TMVs fitted under a bath or basin while carrying out retrofit jobs.

But we all know installing TMVs in a domestic setting can bring its own set of challenges, as these are installed in tight spaces underneath the bath or basin. And with more and more houses and apartments being squeezed into smaller, limited footprints there is even less space available to carry out works in a bathroom.

The Easifit TMV from Reliance Valves comes handy in these applications. One of the smallest and most robust TMVs available on the market, this valve is ideal for compact areas. The valve is both TMV2 and TMV3 certified, and is BREEAM compliant too, making it suitable for many different applications outside of domestic projects.

Man installing Easifit TMV

Getting back on track after the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has truly changed the landscape of how the world works, particularly for hands-on trades like plumbing and heating.

However, we’re committed to helping you get back on track. We’re working hard in our factories to keep up the supply of pipes, valves and fittings and working with merchants to maintain high stock levels, so you have the products you need when you need them.

Our technical team is also on hand to support you. So, whether it’s to help with a project you’re working on, or assisting with offering best practice advice or even product selection, you can always get in touch with our team of experts.

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