Increasing installation efficiency: how to get more out of your work using push-fit

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Right across the UK, plumbers are in high demand. Whether they’re carrying out traditional repair work, supporting homeowners with their renovation projects or fitting systems in new build homes, professional installers are amongst the most sought-after tradespeople.

That’s because reliable, efficient and safe plumbing and heating systems are integral to modern homes. Framed by ambitions to achieve net zero by 2050, traditional plumbing systems through to the latest underfloor heating solutions need to deliver on efficiency. In turn, they keep homes comfortable for occupants, contribute towards cost-effective operation, and underpin reliable performance for years to come.

In the face of this demand, it’s important for professionals to maximise installation efficiency on every job. The choice of systems and materials used will be critical to this, enabling installers to maximise their time on site while delivering consistently high levels of quality.

By embracing systems that prioritise installation efficiency, installers can meet customer demand and maximise their time on jobs of all sizes.

Improving efficiency with push-fit technology

Maximising on-the-job efficiencies is a proven way to speed up installation times, without compromising quality. One way of doing this is to use solutions that are designed to save time by cutting out the complexity of installations – such as push-fit connections.

Providing an alternative to traditional plumbing methods, the JG Speedfit range of plastic push-fit fittings and valves quickly and securely create leak tight connections using Grip & Seal technology. With no need for tools or soldering, connections are formed with a simple push, making installation straightforward – even in hard-to-reach spaces. Fittings and valves can also be demounted by hand, making it fast and simple to make system adjustments.

For extra protection against leaks, JG Speedfit’s Twist & Lock® and Standard fittings can also be paired with a Superseal Insert to form a unique multi-seal connection.

Alongside strong connections, reliable and futureproof plumbing and heating systems require a holistic approach – including the pipework. Here, pipes such as JG Layflat can save installers considerable time by providing the flexibility to tackle a broad range of installation requirements. Suitable for hot, cold, central heating and underfloor heating applications, JG Layflat can be used to easily navigate corners and even minimise the number of connections required across a system.

When it comes to servicing and maintaining systems, plastic pipes and push-fit connections allow for demounting in a matter of seconds. Complementing the range of push-fit fittings is JG Speedfit’s extended range of push-fit valves and tap connections. Easy to connect, they make repair and maintenance jobs straightforward by facilitating the isolation of appliances – particularly when working in tight spaces such as under sinks or around fixtures or appliances.

easifit tmv installation

Reliance Valves Easifit TMV with push-fit connections

Creating installation efficiency on the job isn’t all about plastic pipes and push-fit connections. Water control valves are also an essential consideration in the creation of long-lasting, safe and efficient plumbing and heating systems. Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs), for instance, are now commonplace in domestic systems – particularly since becoming a legal requirement in new build homes more than a decade ago to prioritise safety.

By blending hot and cold water to ensure a safe outlet temperature, TMVs are essential to plumbing and heating system safety. With the right solution, they don’t need to be difficult or time-consuming to install and therefore increasing installation efficiency.

The Easifit TMV from Reliance Valves – part of the RWC family of brands – features JG Speedfit connections to simplify the installation of this essential component. Just like pipes and fittings, this means the device can be installed quickly and easily by professionals, with a strong push-fit connection.

Efficiently delivering results

With the support of push-fit connections, installers can prioritise quality on every job, even when time is of the essence. That means delivering on customer expectations at a time when plumbing and heating installers are in consistently high demand.

By selecting components – including plastic pipes and push-fit fittings – from familiar brands, professional installers can maximise their time, optimise system performance and deliver reliability over the long-term.

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