Humble bragging: Inside the innovative technology of JG Speedfit

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Installers and contractors working in the plumbing and heating sector continue to face many challenges. From labour shortages to a rising demand in projects that need to be completed quicker than ever before, to increased health & safety regulations, the pressure on plumbing and heating professionals is constantly growing.

This means solutions that are simple, quick and safe to install are becoming must-haves in any installer’s toolbox. That’s where push-fit plumbing and heating systems come in, from pipes, to fittings, and valves, JG Speedfit innovative technology makes lives easier on site, while improving productivity and efficiency. Here’s how…

Your go-to product range: JG Speedfit

From straights, elbows, and tees to flexible piping, valves and tap connectors, the JG Speedfit range has everything you need to complete your job quickly, easily and safely. The core fittings range is suitable for both hot and cold water and central heating systems. And is also compatible with plastic or copper pipe thanks to our unique Grip & Seal™ technology.

With Speedfit you also don’t need any tools to make the connections or demount the fittings, so, they’re ideal for use in small and awkward spaces, without compromising the safety and security of the fittings. When compared to soldered and compression fittings, push-fit solutions cut installation time by up to 40%, so they improve your efficiency on site too.

Under the surface: How JG Speedfit works

The innovative technology means installing JG Speedfit Twist & Lock® fittings is easy, all you need to do is simply push the push-fit fitting fully onto the pipe and twist the plastic nut clockwise to add compression to the O-Ring, which locks the connection in place. So, it’s entirely tool and flame free. Demounting the pipe is also easy, as you simply twist to unlock and then push the collet downwards, allowing the pipe to be fully disconnected from the fitting without the need for tools.

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For extra peace of mind, we recommend using JG Speedfit Superseal Pipe Inserts when connecting Speedfit pipe to a Twist & Lock® fitting, as it further strengthens the connection by providing extra support. The dual O-Ring combined with the fitting’s main O-Ring creates our unique multi-seal that offers greater security.

Top 3 benefits of JG Speedfit:

  1. Innovative technology: With high-performance multi-seal technology, you can be sure that the connections are leakproof and made to last. Plus, the technology means they are safer and cleaner to install, as they don’t require hot works, flux or glue.

  2. A quicker installation: You can install, demount, and refit the fittings and pipes without the need for tools, and can do it in seconds. They are also less labour intensive, especially in tight spaces.

  3. Suitable for all projects: the JG Speedfit range is compatible with both plastic and copper pipes and can be used across hot and cold water systems, as well as central heating systems. So, you can use it almost anywhere you need to.

Pipes, valves and fittings, everything you need in one place

As well as push-fit fittings, JG Speedfit offers the widest range of push-fit pipes, valves and tap connectors, giving you everything you need for your next plumbing and heating job – all from a single trusted manufacturer.

We offer a range of flexible pipes from polybutylene to PEX barrier pipes, in coils and straight lengths, so you have a variety of options to choose from. Plus, our extended range of push-fit valves and tap connectors – available in plastic, brass or stainless steel – are designed to complement our core fittings to make connecting and servicing appliances and fixtures quick and easy too. So, if you are looking to prevent backflow, install a hot and cold water system, or quickly isolate water, you can find a valve that will suit your needs, and that doesn’t require tools or hot works either!

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Today, billions of our push-fit products are trusted worldwide to transform productivity and efficiency for a diverse range of industry sectors. To find out more about JG Speedfit, and whether it would work for your project, speak to one of our expert team today.

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