Leak proof plumbing for new builds part 3: Plastic push-fit fittings

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Welcome to part 3 of our leak proof plumbing for new builds series, where we’ll be moving onto plumbing the internal pipework and discussing plastic push-fit fittings. If you missed part 2, which was all about the rising popularity of underfloor heating and how plumbing and heating engineers can install leak-free UFH systems, go check it out here. (Part one can be found here).

It is important to install pipes, valves and fittings that will be leak-proof and stand the tests of time. This is vital as we aim to construct better homes and to build back better in accordance with the UK Government’s directive. In this blog, we will look at plastic push-fit fittings, where they can be used, and how they can help safeguard against leaks.

The science behind plastic push-fit fittings

Push-fit fittings have been around for many years. In fact, JG Speedfit pioneered the technology and manufactures more push-fit fittings and tube than anyone else globally, providing reliable plumbing and heating systems for 60 years.

These push-fit fittings are precision engineered and have been extensively researched and rigorously tested. JG Speedfit technology contains push-fit and multi-seal features to deliver a truly reliable and leak proof and permanent connection.

Using a twist and lock® feature, all you need to do to install the fitting is to push the pipe fully into the fitting up to the pipe stop, and then twist the screwcap until the cap meets the body. To disconnect the fitting, twist the cap to unlock the fittings, push the collet square against the fittings, hold the collet in position and remove the fitting.

There are many benefits to using push-fit fittings compared to soldered or compression counterparts. For example, they are an ideal solution for installation into areas where tool access may be restricted. As well as this, there is no fire risk, which is often an issue when using a blowtorch for soldered connections.

Speeding up installations without loss of quality

With the UK Government targeting 300,000 new homes to be built per year, with a large portion of this devoted to affordable homes, speed of installation is as always front and centre.

With push-fit solutions like JG Speedfit, installation times can be cut by up to 40% in comparison to soldered and compression fittings. No tools are required to make the connection or demount the fittings, making them much easier to work with in confined spaces without compromising on a safe and secure pipe connection.

With an extensive choice of plastic, brass and chrome fittings, tap connectorsvalves and flexi hoses, JG Speedfit’s range gives you everything you need to complete the job in no time. By combining these products with plastic push-fit pipe, you can create a truly flexible, leakproof and affordable plumbing and heating system.

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Building greener, more sustainable homes

Along with better efficiency and quality, many plastic push-fit fittings can reduce the complexity in pipework and save water long term.

For example, service valves should be installed on the serving pipework to an appliance so that maintenance can be conducted without the need to shut off the main supply to a property. With limited space under sinks, often combination type valves are a great solution – which combines two functions in one. Again, plastic push-fit fittings really shine in this situation.

Double check valves combined with service valves for outside taps can save a lot of space under the sink, for instance. There are also lever-operated shut off valves, hand-operated shut off taps, or screwdriver-operated valves that can shut off water supply with a single turn.

By being able to isolate water supplies, this inherently reduces the need to drain water off the whole property. This then helps to save gallons of water should servicing and maintenance of the plumbing and heating system be required.


Making leaks a thing of the past

As we all aim to do our part and ‘build back better’, it is imperative that you have quality materials in your toolkit that can lead to a leak-proof future with all new build homes.

JG Speedfit’s technical team is always available to support with your plumbing and heating projects. All of our JG Speedfit products are accredited with the leading testing and approval organisations including WRAS and are suitable for use with plastic pipe with inserts or copper pipe. And come with a 50-year guarantee as standard.

For more about JG Speedfit plastic push-fit components, please visit here.

How to make a Twist & Lock® standard insert connection

Our standard push-fit and Twist & Lock® range can be used with our standard Pipe Inserts to create a rigid connection end or with our Superseal Pipe Inserts to create a unique multi seal.

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