Plumbing 999: Making emergency plumbing callouts easier

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If there’s one element of the job every plumber can expect to encounter, it’s emergency plumbing callouts. From leaky appliances and drops in water pressure through to broken boilers and burst pipes, installers could be faced with all sorts of plumbing-related challenges whenever they’re called out to a customer’s home. 

But while these calls are largely anticipated, the challenges themselves can be quite unpredictable, presenting installers with the ultimate challenge – how do you expect the unexpected and, more importantly, how do you plan for it? 

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the most common scenarios professional plumbers find themselves in when responding to emergency plumbing callouts and share some tips for staying one step ahead of every challenge.

Common emergency plumbing callouts

Where emergency plumbing callouts are concerned, there will be some common problems amongst customers, such as experiencing a complete loss of heating and/or water supply, or even water damage in the event of leaks. Therefore, installers can expect any of the below when being called out for an emergency: 

  • Problematic pipes: Amongst the most common causes of plumbing callouts are burst or leaking pipes. Although burst pipes are more frequently found in winter when water freezes within the pipework, they can occur at any time. Leaks often stem from ageing pipework or poorly installed connections and have the potential to cause significant property damage, leading to numerous insurance claims each year. Quick response times are crucial in minimising the extent of damage caused by these emergencies.
  • Broken appliances: Another common reason for plumbing emergency calls is broken appliances, particularly essential ones like washing machines. Customers facing appliance malfunctions are eager to have them replaced promptly to restore routine to their households. Additionally, broken appliances can sometimes result in leaks, worsening the situation and posing additional challenges and costs for homeowners.
  • Hot Water Worries: Last but certainly not least, heating issues may seem more common during the winter months, however, the failure of boilers can leave customers without hot water at any time of the year. As we all know, this disruption can be highly inconvenient, regardless of the season. Acting quickly to address heating and hot water failures not only minimises inconvenience for homeowners but also provides an opportunity to provide necessary service and maintenance work on plumbing and heating systems.
JG Speedfit 15mm Stop End

Keep the pressure off by preparing for the unexpected

A well-stocked van is the front line of defense for plumbers facing emergency callouts. It serves as a mobile arsenal, equipped with all the essential tools and supplies needed to tackle unexpected challenges. From spare parts and fittings to specialised equipment, having everything readily available in the van ensures that plumbers can respond to emergencies without delay. 

Here are our top 4 recommended products to keep in the van for emergency plumbing callouts:

  1. Stop Ends: The JG Speedfit Stop End is an essential product for your toolbox as it quickly and easily seals off the end of pipework, effectively stopping water flow. Its secure seal prevents leaks, ensuring reliable performance, while its durability guarantees long-lasting use. Simple to install using push-fit connections, it is compatible with various pipe materials, making it a versatile solution for different plumbing systems.
  2. Pipe Repair Kits: The JG Speedfit Pipe Repair Kit is a fast and simple way to repair broken pipework without having to dismantle the existing pipe set up. Compatible with plastic or copper pipe, its tool-free, push-fit connections provide an almost instant installation, saving crucial time and effort.
  3. Appliance Tees: The JG Speedfit Appliance Tee is an essential tool for plumbers to have in their vans during emergency callouts. Its push-fit design and integrated isolation valve allows for quick and easy installation of replacement appliances, saving valuable time during repairs. Its durable construction guarantees reliability, providing reassurance to both plumbers and homeowners.
  4. Flexi Hoses: The JG Speedfit Flexi Hoses are invaluable for plumbers and one to keep in the van, and here’s why. Their flexibility allows for swift installation even in cramped spaces, ensuring plumbers can address urgent issues by quickly replacing older or worn connectors used on taps, fixtures or appliances. With their robust design and secure push-fit connections, these hoses provide reliable performance.

The benefits of plastic push-fit

The benefits of plastic push-fit fittings are endless, especially when it comes to undertaking repairs, even in emergencies. These fittings offer an opportunity to enhance plumbing systems, improving efficiency and reliability while extending the system's service life. 

With the right solutions, potential issues that domestic plumbing systems may encounter in the future can be minimised. Plastic push-fit fittings boast a long lifespan, designed for optimal performance, longevity, and ease of use. For instance, JG Speedfit pipes and fittings come with an impressive 50-year guarantee, providing reassurance of their durability and reliability. 

Moreover, push-fit fittings streamline the installation process, particularly within the JG Speedfit range, by eliminating the need for tools to establish connections. This simplicity not only accelerates installations but also ensures smoother procedures, key in emergency scenarios where time is of the essence. Furthermore, push-fit fittings are designed to provide quality, reliability, and performance, enhancing the value of emergency fixes by delivering quick and effective solutions.

A plumber connecting a JG Speedfit T connector.

Prepare for every outcome

Navigating plumbing emergencies requires foresight, preparation, and the right tools. By understanding common scenarios and equipping themselves with essential products like those found in JG Speedfit’s extended range of tap connectors, fittings and valves, installers can effectively address unexpected challenges with confidence and efficiency. With a well-stocked van and a commitment to staying ahead of every challenge, installers can tackle emergency plumbing callouts effectively, providing timely solutions and peace of mind to homeowners facing unexpected issues.

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