How to master the top plumbing challenges with push-fit fittings and pipe

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As a plumbing and heating installer, we know that you always strive to deliver the best jobs for your clients. From ensuring leak proof systems that can last, saving your customers money, to being efficient and quick on the job, you need plumbing products you can rely on.

This is where the innovative plastic push-fit fittings and pipe come in, designed to offer installers more versatility and peace of mind. And here are our tips on how plastic push-fit fittings and pipe can help you master the top plumbing challenges.

1. No hassle in tight spaces

Homeowners don’t expect to see exposed pipework in their bathrooms. The rising number of expectations from interior design perspective makes things increasingly difficult for installers, as working in tight spaces has always been a notoriously plumbing challenge and difficult installation task.

This is where plastic push-fit fittings and pipe, like the ones from JG Speedfit, can be a life, time, and ultimately space saver. While metal fittings can easily fit under sinks, you often can’t just light up a blowtorch and connect them without potentially damaging the surrounding cabinet or walls. The same can be said for trying to manoeuvre tools in tight spaces. Plastic push-fit fittings, however, can solve this plumbing challenge as they can be connected by simply pushing the pipe into the fitting. This means there is no risk to the surrounding area and the fitting “fits” just as well. Pardon the pun.

2. Leak-proof connections for future-proof homes

We all know that even the tiniest of leaks are one of the most common plumbing challenges and can lead to long term property damage as well as tons of water wasted. In fact, each year insurance companies pay out roughly £930 million for water related claims. Being able to stop leaks when they do occur is one thing, however, they would ideally never happen in the first place. Plastic push-fit connections are one step towards leaks being a thing of the past.

Plastic push-fit fittings from the JG Speedfit Twist & Lock® range, for example, can be simply twisted and locked closed to ensure a reliable and leak-proof connection and also prevent accidental pipe disconnection. Additionally, all push-fit fittings are equipped with a durable and reliable O-Ring seal, which enables the fittings leak preventing abilities. When installed properly, plastic push-fit fittings are practically leak proof and this secure connection can last for years to come. This is of course a massive step towards homes becoming more sustainable, as preventing leaks first time of course prevents plumbers from having to drive out and fix problems or replace entire systems.

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3. Plastic push-fit can take all the pressure

The pressure and temperature resistance capabilities of the plastic push-fit system is much higher than some might expect.

JG Speedfit’s Twist & Lock® fittings are made from PEX plastic, a material that is much more flexible than copper. This means that PEX plastic is actually much more resistant to high pressures compared to copper fittings and are far less likely to snap, eliminating yet another of plumbing challenges.

Additionally, plastic push-fit system can withstand extreme temperatures, too. In fact, it is even suitable for use in central heating systems, yet plastic pipework should not be connected directly to the boiler.  

Traditional metal fittings allow air into a central heating network when cooling, whereas Speedfit fittings, when used in conjunction with Speedfit polybutylene (PB) and PEX Barrier pipe allow a much more limited amount. Additionally, due to the insulating capabilities of the plastic materials, the fittings do not expand and contract like their metal counterparts and therefore, air bleeds from the system much less frequently for plastic fittings than copper or brass alternatives.

4. Quicker, easier and cheaper installation

The increasing demand on skilled plumbing and heating installers, coupled with lack of new trainees entering the construction sector in general, can seem inescapable at times. This can create a plumbing challenge in that it can mean that there are sometimes not enough qualified installers to go around and that many repair or retrofit jobs have to be pushed back due to lack of available skills.

That is why technologies that are easier and faster to use are becoming increasingly important. Plastic push-fit fittings and pipes are a great example, as there are no tools required in their installation. This means that plastic push-fit installation jobs can not only free up your time on the job, but the work can also be taken on by lesser experienced apprentices, whilst the more tried and tested installers are freed up to work on those more difficult jobs.

Additionally, demands for installers are higher than ever, due to the government striving to meet new housing targets. Therefore, having products in place that can alleviate time constraints and speed up installation are no longer just a nice alternative – they are a must have. Plastic push-fit fittings allow for a far more efficient installation, which means you can move onto the next job with a bit less stress from a time perspective.

As you can see, plastic push-fit is the time and money saver you should always have in your toolbox, to ensure you install plumbing and heating systems fit for the future.

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