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The plumbing industry, like many others, is currently facing a mass skill shortage. At a time when plumbers are being called upon more and more frequently, it can feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up with demand. Equally, the smaller real estate of new build homes means people are living in significantly smaller places compared to those of the past, and installers are similarly forced to operate in smaller spaces. This puts more pressure on installers to complete challenging plumbing and heating jobs quickly and more efficiently.

Therefore, efficient and easy to install solutions are not just a luxury in today’s plumbing and heating landscape, they are a must have. With push-fit solutions, like the extensive range of JG Speedfit, installation times can be cut by up to 40% in comparison to soldered and compression fittings. No tools are required to make the connection or demount the fittings, making them much easier to work with in confined spaces without compromising on a safe and secure pipe connection. So, here’s all you need to know about the in’s and out’s of the plastic push-fit range from JG Speedfit. 

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Twist and lock® your way to more efficient installations

JG Speedfit Twist & Lock® fittings is a prime example of "plumbing made easy" with a more efficient alternative to traditional plumbing methods. The innovative range of plastic push-fit connections quickly and securely connect to plastic or copper pipes and form a watertight connection. This connection is easily formed by simply pushing the push-fit fitting fully onto the pipe and twisting the plastic nut clockwise to lock the connection in place, which is entirely tools free.

Like all other push-fit fittings, the Twist & Lock® range provides an instant, flame-free, push-fit connection, that can be installed and demounted in seconds. This is due to the fittings’ Grip & Seal™ collet with stainless steel teeth and its main O-Ring seal. When used with a JG Speedfit Superseal Insert, the push-fit fitting’s primary O-Ring and the insert’s twin O-Rings combine to provide a unique multi seal.

The Twist & Lock® range, features connections such as the straight, tee, and elbow connector. All three of which, like the whole JG Speedfit range make for more efficient plumbing installations.

No sweat installations with JG Speedfit valves and tap connectors

As well as push-fit fittings, JG Speedfit offer an extended range of push-fit valves and tap connectors, which consists of both plastic and brass material. The valves are designed to complement the range of core fittings to make connecting appliances and fixtures fast and simple, and to make repair and maintenance work easier too.

These push-fit valves and tap connectors make for a much more efficient installation than traditional alternatives, because they do not require any tools, which is extremely beneficial when working in tight spaces, such as under a sink.

Take the stop valve for example. This valve is an essential element of the entire plumbing system, as it can isolate water to a fixture or zone, so emergency and repair work can be carried out without cutting off the main water supply to the rest of the house. If this valve cannot be installed, due to tools not being operable in tight spaces, then whenever repairs need to take place gallons of water have to be drained out of the house. This, in and of itself, can take time and make repairs inefficient and a real hassle.

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Pipeline of efficiency

JG Layflat polybutylene pipes also play their part in "plumbing made easy" by making sure that installations are as efficient as can be. The pipe is ideal for short and long pipe runs as it ‘lays flat’ straight from the coil, thanks to the ultra-flexible material.

The lightweight and flexible design offers greater control as it is easy to cable and manoeuvre through joists and tight spaces quickly. Additionally, JG Layflat polybutylene pipe requires less couplings than traditional methods, saving time and money while reducing the number of leak points.

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These are just a few ways that JG Speedfit products can make for more efficient plumbing installations.

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