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Utility rooms are one of the most challenging spaces to plumb in, with many potential second fix appliances that require pipework going to them. This can include washing machines, condenser tumble dryers, outside taps, sinks and even boilers, often all crammed into one of the smallest rooms in the house.

Whether it’s a new build or creating a custom laundry room for a renovation project, having the right pipes, valves and fittings is a must to make these installations quick, easy, hassle-free, and future-proofed. Here are some key factors to bear in mind when looking at pipework in the utility room.

1. Think flexible pipes and fittings

Flexible pipes are a must in the plumber’s toolkit when it comes to utility room plumbing. It goes without saying that appliances should be easy to connect/disconnect, but if the pipework is rigid, this makes installation that little bit more difficult, especially in small, tight spaces.

Similarly, Flexi hoses such as those in the JG Speedfit range, can really help. These pipes are suitable for cold and hot water applications and include push-fit and hand-tighten versions. Especially for utility rooms with sinks, this makes the final connection to the taps much simpler and faster.

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2. Think twist and swivel

Much like the first point, think about fittings that can work to your advantage in tight areas around the utility room. Plastic plumbing fittings from JG Speedfit’s range, for example, are more convenient when it comes to connecting pipework together as they can twist and swivel. Push-fit elbow fittings, for instance, can rotate and as connection points in appliances will vary, this makes them a much better option.

3. Think valves, maintenance and isolation

As with almost all plumbing, valves are vital to ensure safety and to help with maintenance, and this is true for utility rooms too. Check valves will be needed to prevent backflow, while it is also highly recommended that service valves are installed so that any future maintenance works to appliances can be quickly carried out without needing to stop the water supply to the whole house.

RWC has a complete range of check valves, appliance valves, stop taps and service valves to suit any installation through our family of brands – JG Speedfit, SharkBite and Reliance Valves.

Combination fittings are especially useful for utility rooms, due to their space-saving function and not needing to make long chains of valves that can take up precious space. JG Speedfit’s Appliance Tee is one such valve, allowing connection of plastic and copper pipes as well as isolation of appliances such as a washing machine or dishwasher for maintenance or installation. Simply push the valve fully on to the pipe and thread the appliance hose on to the valve.

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Everything you need to plumb – utility rooms and more

With more money being spent on home renovation projects and the pace being picked up on new build home development, it’s likely that more and more utility room projects will be on the horizon. To ensure these installations are successful, it’s imperative that you have the right tools and materials in your toolkit so you can complete the job.

As well as RWC’s full range of pipes, valves and fittings from our JG SpeedfitSharkBite and Reliance Valves brands, our technical teams are on hand to provide advice and best practice for utility room projects.

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