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Flight Manchester to Sao-Paulo 14 hours

14 things you can do with the 14 hours you’ll save if you’re using our Push-Fit Fittings

We all know that a plumber’s time is precious and some days, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. That’s why our JG Speedfit push-fit fittings are such great tools, reducing installation times by around 40% when compared to traditional fixing methods.

To apply a push fit, you simply push the fitting fully onto a pipe, and twist the plastic nut clockwise to lock into place – it’s that quick! And if you need to demount the connection, you just unlock the nut and push the collet towards the body of the fitting and pull the pipe to release.

If every plumber used JG Speedfit fittings, the industry would be saving 40% of the time every day – that’s the equivalent of 14 hours in every 35-hour week. To put that into perspective, we looked at some of the things you could be doing if you had an additional 14 hours of free time every week.

Flight manchester to sao paulo

1. Fly from Manchester to Sao Paulo

The fastest one-stop flight between Manchester and Sao Paulo takes close to just 14 hours, so you could book a well-deserved holiday and not lose any working time from travelling. This will ensure that you maximise your time in this vibrant city, experiencing the captivating culture, local cuisine, and colourful festivities. Did someone say carnival?

168 cups of tea

2. Make 168 Cups of Tea

According to master tea brewer Twinings, it should take between two and a half, and three minutes to brew the perfect cup of tea from a tea bag. Throw in a couple of minutes to add the milk, sugar, and locate your favourite mug, and you could be making 168 cups in 14 hours. That's enough to quench the thirst of a small plumbing army!

If you’re using loose tea, you should allow seven minutes of brewing time and two minutes’ preparation, so you can only make around 93 mugs of tea in 14 hours. Ours will be traditional plumber’s tea, thank you! So, raise your mug, savour that distinct flavour, and embrace the plumbing heritage in each comforting sip.

Remember, whether you're plumbing or tea brewing, timing is key. So, enjoy the art of plumbing and tea-making in perfect harmony. Cheers to a fruitful 14 hours filled with cups of piping-hot goodness!

15 mins to milk a cow

3. Ran Out of Milk?

Fear not, it takes only 15 minutes to milk a cow, which means that in 14 hours, you could milk up to 56! That’s a hell of a lot of milk. Storing it would definitely require some ingenious plumbing solutions. You might need tanks bigger than the plumbing van itself to accommodate the liquid bounty! But fear not, for plumbers are known for their knack to handle fluid dynamics with finesse.

wet paint

4. Watch Paint Dry

A young filmmaker hit the headlines two years ago after creating a 14-hour film of paint drying, which he submitted to the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) in a protest over censorship. While some may find it peculiar to devote 14 hours to the slow transformation of wet paint into a dry, solid surface, this young visionary saw the potential for artistic expression in the mundane. Just as a plumber meticulously connects pipes, this filmmaker intricately weaved moments of anticipation, curiosity, and contemplation into the tapestry of drying paint.

Give birth

5. Give Birth!

 It has been calculated that the average time it takes for a first-time mother to give birth, is 14 hours. Probably an activity best reserved for our female colleagues though!

boiled egg

6. Boil 70 Eggs

 The average time it takes to boil an egg is just 12 minutes, meaning you could have 70 boiled eggs in 14 hours – we’re not ‘yolking!’ So, whether you're preparing a hearty breakfast for a hungry crew or simply showcasing your culinary skills, our push-fit fittings ensure that your plumbing projects are as smooth and seamless as the perfectly boiled eggs you serve.


7. Run 168 miles – A good one for anyone whose New Year’s Resolution was to get fitter

One strange event officially recognised by the International Association of Athletics Associations is the One Hour Run. The first-ever record set for this was a total of 20km an hour – or just over 12 miles. Multiply that by your spare 14 hours each week and you could be running 168 miles every single week!

Of course, if you’re a budding athlete yourself, then you could try and break the current One Hour Run record, which is 21.285kms, set in 2017.


8. Make Two Parts for a Bentley car.

Apparently, it takes seven hours to create one part for a Bentley car. This is down to Bentley’s unique manufacturing facilities which combine modern technology with handcrafted practices from the company’s coach-making past. You could be making two a week in your spare time – probably quicker than saving up for one!


9. Or Perhaps You’d Prefer a Toyota?

If anyone’s ever told you to be more patient, they probably did so with the old adage ‘it takes 13 hours to build a Toyota and six months to build a Rolls-Royce.’ At today’s fast pace of manufacturing, we’re not sure how true this statement is but assuming it is accurate, you could make an entire car and have an hour’s nap afterwards!


10. Earn £420

Of course, for the dedicated tradespeople out there, we know that work is not just a means to an end—it's a passion. If you prefer to invest your free time in your craft and maximise your earning potential, we've got some numbers that will make your heart skip a beat.

You could earn anything up to, and over, £420. According to What Price, the average hourly rate for a UK plumber is £30. Multiply this by 14 and you could be earning more than £400 extra every single week!

So, if you're motivated to turn your free time into a lucrative opportunity, consider the possibilities that await you. Multiply your earnings, amplify your success, and watch as those extra pounds flow into your bank account.


11. Think About What To Do Next

A recent poll from Fidelity Investments showed that Americans spend an average of 14 hours every week procrastinating. That’s a lot of time spent wasting time. Of course, if you’re a true Brit, you’ll be obsessed with beating America, so see if you can manage 15 hours!

buckingham palace

12. Walk from Buckingham Palace to Braintree

That’s right, a quick check on the ever-reliable Google Maps shows that the average walker can go from the Palace to Braintree in just 14 hours – you’d have to make sure you have lots of protein with you though!

ben nevis

13. Climb Ben Nevis and come back down again – almost!

According to the official website of Ben Nevis, anybody planning to walk from the ground to the summit should allow eight hours to do so when the weather conditions are fair. This means that if you’ve been putting some extra time in the gym this year, you could probably go up and down again in just 14 hours, ahead of the average of 16.

channel tunnel swim

14. Swim the Channel Tunnel

The average time it takes for a solo swim across the channel is 13 hours, 31 minutes and 50 seconds – so you’ll even have 28.5 minutes left for a well-deserved pint – or organic smoothie – at the end!

Our Push-Fit Fittings Saves You Installation Time

Whether you want to expand your exercise routines with walks, jogs, and swims, or book a holiday and spend your time in the sun, the time-saving benefits of JG Speedfit push-fit fittings can help plumbers and installers get more work done, more quickly, leaving you with more free time.

After all, the adage goes that you should never spend too much time making a living that you forget to make a life. So, embrace the time-saving benefits of JG Speedfit push-fit fittings and let them revolutionise your workday. Experience the ease of installation and the confidence that comes with using reliable and efficient products. Reclaim your time, unlock your freedom, and make every moment count.

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