Speed up plumbing installations to get more done in less time

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With the UK government committed to building 300,000 new homes every year by the mid-2020s, installers are under more strain than ever to get as many new build plumbing and heating installations done as they can.

At the same time, we are experiencing a challenging combination of a decline in work force and a backlog of jobs stemming from the pandemic, which leaves plumbing installers in extremely high demand. So, how can we speed up plumbing installation without putting even more pressure on plumbers?

The answer comes in the shape of the very products and materials that go into our plumbing installations. Therefore, in this blog we will be looking at some of the ways that the innovative solutions from RWC can make plumbing installations more efficient and allow installers to get more done in less time.

Speed up plumbing installation by making fewer connections

JG Speedift Plumbing Manifolds  are one of the most powerful ways to speed up plumbing installation. Not only do the manifolds reduce the complexity of pipework by creating one central distribution point for hot or cold water supplies, but they reduce the chances of leaks occurring in the first place as there are less connections required. A run may be cabled to an outlet when utilised with JG Layflat Pipe without the need for extra fittings.

In addition, the polybutylene in the JG Layflat Pipe provides a flexible solution that can be easily manoeuvred through walls and floors, which means that the number of fittings required to make a complete system is greatly reduced, too.

The combination of the two solutions not only saves time on first installation, but the amount of time it takes to conduct pressure checks, as grouping the pipework together means that there aren’t nearly as many points to test.

JG Speedfit offer three different push fit manifolds, each with their own unique benefits. The 4 Port Rail Manifold and 4 Way Manifold are both plastic push-fit manifolds that allow for four runs of water to centralise at one point in the centre of the house. Additionally, the JG Speedfit brass manifold features built-in isolation valves, meaning that each individual run of water can be shut off with ease. However, isolation valves can be easily connected to both plastic manifolds, creating the same effect. 

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Save labour time with the Easifit TMV

It has been a legal requirement for TMVs to be installed in new build homes since 2010, as a part of changes made to Part G of the building regulations, which addresses sanitation, hot water safety, and water efficiency. However, with requirements to new build properties increasing, the amount of time installers take fitting TMVs is starting to really add up. Again, a time saving solution is needed.

This is where the Easifit TMV can help. Certified for TMV2 applications (the type of TMV required for domestic properties), the Easifit TMV from Reliance Valves is equipped with JG Speedfit connections. Due to their ease of installation and the lack of specialist tools required, the Easifit TMV can significantly speed up plumbing installation. Similarly, installing a solution with integrated push-fit technology cuts down on the risk of leaks occurring in the future.

Additionally, should homeowners want to make renovations or structural changes to their properties in the future, the valves can be easily demounted, fitted, and replaced. Thus, making them an efficient, cost-effective, and long-lasting addition to any plumbing system.

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Fast installations, easy maintenance

Solutions that are fast to install, will also make for easier maintenance down the line, which makes plastic push-fit fittings every installer’s best friend.

Because they can be installed without the need for extensive tools or flames, plastic push-fit fittings, such as those in the JG Speedfit range, are a time and space saving solution, as well as perfectly safe. Increasing efficiency, JG Speedfit fittings provide fast, secure, and watertight connections by simply pushing the pipe of choice into the fitting.

JG Speedfit also offer an extended range of plastic push-fit valves and tap connectors. These valves are designed to complement the range of core fittings and to make connecting appliances and fixtures fast and simple, and to make repair and maintenance work easier too.  

Getting more done in less time

Through the use of efficient solutions installers can cut down on the labour time required for each installation and complete more jobs in the same amount of time. What’s more, innovative and time saving solutions such as these will play a part in ensuring that the government’s new build housing targets can be met.

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