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Beer brewing

Widely known for our plumbing and heating solutions within domesticcommercial and public buildings, you may not expect to find our products in unusual and unique applications.

In this blog, we explore how our products feature in industries that take us beyond plumbing and heating – from solutions for ice and coffee makers in the UK, to water dispensers in the US, home brewing in Denmark, agricultural solutions in Germany and more.

Home brewing innovation for the perfect beer

Having an ice-cold beer in the summer sunshine sounds like heaven, right? If the answer is yes, you’d be interested to know Brewolution, a Danish company specialising in the home brewing market, has specified our products in its beer chilling process, due to the fast and secure installation they provide.

Our John Guest Superseal X Speedfit Straight Connectors help manage the temperature of the unfermented beer in their home brewery system by allowing cold water to run through the chiller and extract the heat from the wort. As the wort starts off at a boiling temperature, leak-free and secure fittings are crucial to the user’s safety. Once it’s all cooled down, it’s time to enjoy!

Clean tap water

Filtering out the risk

Whilst UK drinking water is of a very high standard, during its journey to your tap it can collect contaminants, so filtering water before drinking is vital to remove chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, bacterial contaminants, and heavy metals often found in the ground or pipework.

Omnipure Filter Company based in the US, in collaboration with global distributor Allpure Filters Ltd, have developed market-leading filtration systems, attributing continued success and evolution down to the incorporation of RWC’s John Guest push-fit connections into the design.

The filters are fast and easy to install due to the use of push-fit technology, allowing for a reliable and quick installation of the inline filter, which can be fitted and secured in place in seconds.

Along with the quick installation, the push-fit connections incorporate auto shut-off valves that isolate the water feed to make a filter change even easier without the need to disturb the connections. This reduces the chance of leaks, and also eliminates the need for glues or binders that can cause contamination.

Omnipure Filters’ wide range can be used in a variety of applications such as water coolers, coffee machines, coffee shops, clean process equipment for scientific and medical demands, as well as under-sink home use – all providing clean, fresh water whilst reducing plastic waste.

Clean water for farm sprayer on tractor

Spraying a little innovation on the agriculture world

The next application took us into the world of agriculture. Located in Hailfingen, Germany, Altek Gmbh designs and produces components for agricultural sprayers used globally. And looking for a solution to improve the chemical processing of vegetable produce, Altek selected our John Guest pneumatic fittings and LLDPE tubing range.

Altek realised that they could improve their technology’s efficiency if they incorporated a reliable push-fit solution that is UV stabilised and resistant to liquids of various chemical compositions. The integration of John Guest’s pneumatic connector technology made Altek’s system easy to install, reconfigure and repair in any agricultural environment in addition to reducing the electrical power requirement.

With our passion for sustainability, we were pleased to help Altek create a more sustainable spraying system, reduce liquid waste and power, all while decreasing the possibility of crop damage from over and under application.

Coffee machine

Controlling the flow

There’s nothing worse than turning on a tap or water supply and without warning, water ending up all over you due to pressure issues in the system. For that very reason, Beta Valve teamed up with RWC’s John Guest to develop a product that tackles that particular challenge – their new Flow Restrictor Valve.

Beta Valve needed a dependable and compact connector solution to help ensure the system provides reliable control of water flow direction, as well as flow reduction in a variety of applications, including filtration systems, washing machines, refrigerators, ice machines, water dispensing machines, and even coffee makers. And incorporated within the plastic housing of the Flow Restrictor Valve, John Guest’s OEM push-fit cartridges were specifically engineered to enable a tool-free installation, allowing for the system to be disconnected and put back together again in no time.

Who knew such clever engineering stays behind the chilling of your food or the making of your morning coffee!

Plumbing cartridge

Inspiration, invention, infusion

Air Engineering Group needed a solution to make the resin infusion manufacturing process, widely used in the marine, aviation, automotive, and industrial sectors, safer and more efficient. Our John Guest OEM cartridge was selected to incorporate a push-fit connection into AEG’s custom-designed and engineered T-fitting.

The innovative AEG T-fitting’s quick push-fit connection nature meant that as the system came under pressure from the vacuum process, more grip would be applied to the connection. This then ensures a strong seal, in comparison to the typical usage of putty or sealant tape within a regular T-fitting. Preparation and setup also takes less time, helping make the entire process more efficient.

AEG’s T-fitting is now changing the way the industry views resin infusion, and this new technique also lowers waste by allowing components to be reused multiple times within a normally single-use application – now that’s environmentally friendly engineering!

Providing solutions, whenever, wherever

At RWC, we have partnered and collaborated with customers across the globe to help build more sustainable solutions and make installations faster and easier. These are just a few examples of how RWC’s John Guest technology is used in unusual applications, but there are plenty more interesting places where your favourite push-fit connectors and pipe can be found. Watch this space to discover more!

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